Stop. Do NOT release the patch

Just turn the servers back on, please. Your company failed to run adequate QA in advance to this release, just accept your failure and push the patch to next week.

This is really embarrassing, and a lot of heartache could be avoided if you’d just keep consistent with the regular downtime schedule, and refrain from trying to save patches at the expense of your community’s good will.

I think we’d rather just play the game than get the half-baked update anyway.


This exactly. This patch literally has 0 items that most players are interested in anyway, so just roll it back and wrap these updates in with the Clown update later this month. Why is everything you do a cluster?


option 1: Play with another game.
option 2: Watch a movie.
option 3: Do something useful IRL.
option 4: Grow up.


O Brasil no meio de um feriado nacional de independia, no qual várias pessoas que trabalham poderiam aproveitar para estar jogando, o jogo simplesmente morre, um descaso imenso… por essas e outras que cade vez mais os players estão saindo. Nunca vem melhoras, somente desacertos e confusões como está. até parece que o jogo ainda está no BETA e acabou de ser lançado.


let them upate and go chill playing soemother game while you wait or go watch a movie or serie or football champions league.

This was not an in-game bug that needed to be QA’ed, but an issue with staging the build on the live environment. We received a fix for this from the devs, which is now being staged and tested. We’ll let you know when servers are back up.


Yes, this!! :point_up: :point_up: :point_up:

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I think the question most people are asking is, when you decided to delay the patch, why did you decide to try again today when the new dev build came in? I think many of us would have been fine with you spending the week to stage/test this patch and implement it next week.

It helps both teams, on your side definitely less panic/rush/urgency/stress and on our side it would be clearer communication.


Grow up dude LOL

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Armchair devs are the greatest I tell you what.

A large part of releasing this build is that it is a “base” requirement for the server merges that are slated for the end of the month, so it is necessary to get it integrated in the game so that we can make progress towards those merges.


Why do you make it sound like a “live or die” kind of situation, although that is probably not too far fetched, is it?

thanks for the clarification on that, I think that’s what most people were looking for. TLDR, not getting this patch in sets back major progress on other goals down the line

This is hugely helpful info that could have helped alleviate some of the anger from people as I mentioned in my post about communication Roxx. That makes absolutely perfect sense that it would take a bit longer than normal and could have unforeseen issues. Also makes it clear why its kinda important for it to happen.

You are causing yourself more stress by not having someone put all of this valuable info in the main posts. Crack a whip at someone. :slight_smile:

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Thx for the clarification Roxx. a lot of people dont understand the vast majority of complexities behind game development, especially with MMOs. I myself don’t even pretend to know either however I do understand the amount of effort it takes. thanks a million for being transparent and keeping us posted!

Arent you guys concerned the merge would cause server instabilities which could ruin peoples progression with the new raid? Releasing the merge on the same day we prog raids is kind off…bad.

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pior esses gringo bosta mimado falanndo merda eles nem sabe oq passamos aqui.

This DEFINITELY should have been mentioned in the original post explaining the delay. We’re not entitled to know every little detail of what and why something happened, but it would have saved a lot of people a lot of frustration and heartache. Myself included.

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Heartache for what bro? Lol

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Thank you for waste a national holiday with this failure.
A whole day playing turn into nothingness.