STOP Doing Maintenances 2hours before [weekly] resets!

my game crashed during an abyssal dungeon but i automatically received a reset ticket in the ingame mail 1-2 hours later.

The game feels more broken after the maintenance, getting disconnects. Not one of the problems I had before…

And yet again Amazon does a SURPRISE maintenance hours before weekly reset without much warning.

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You do not think maybe you should do your weeklies sooner?

Well yeah, I get where you are coming from.
But imo its the best time they could do it, probably the time with the lowest amount of players.

Lots of people play during the day, even more in the evening, and I think quite some players in the night (At least till like 2/3 AM). They chose some bad times in the past, but they actually learned and listened. Now we get a more or less good time in the morning, and people are still complaining about it.

Doing it during reset, would also mean that servers might be down till 2/3 PM. Which would in turn grind a bit into prime time. So nah, time is fine, I am thankful they listened and chose this. Stop complaining, do your weeklies before going to bed.

It was announced 11 hours ago as of this post. How much more of a warning do you need?

If you don’t check the forums regularly then you are able to set certain categories on “watching” and additionally you can edit your email settings. That way you get your tag on the forums and an email about it.

Does the concept of different time zones not register to all you amazon simps. It makes absolutely no sense why maintenance cant be AT RESET. So all players can complete their weeklies. Some people have lives and can’t play at other times. The servers are split by time zone for a reason. Can you not comprehend that?

Why would you not wait for weekly reset to bring the game down?, finally unlocked second abyss part with gear level and was coming home from work to do it so I don’t lose out on mats and gear then I can’t do it because you shut the servers down and take our time away… whos idea is it to not wait that extra few hours rather than take away from the player base.

That would be nice. Just have it as a auto pop up also when login. Allow us to disable the pop up after we seen it of course!

This is actually the reason it IS right before a reset… you had a week to get weeklies done, and if maintenance goes long it doesn’t cost you nearly as much, since you have 6 days to make up lost time.

midnight pacific is about the best time to have any maintenance that affects the entire US… any earlier and you’re eating into west coast prime time, any later and an overrun eats into east coast mid day. Both of those are times when many more would be hurt by a system outage.

What a selfish point of view. Imagine people having other things to do during their week. The servers are in different time zones. You can stagger updates based on timezone …how is that concept lost on you? Hence the servers being located in different locations. There is no excuse for it going down 2 hours before weekly resets.

Do you ever stop before you post and think if you have something to say that’s useful?

Noone has to give you an explanation or justification as to when they feel like playing or how their schedule works.
Also, in case you can’t realise this on your own, you’re not the standard for anything.

Weekly maintenances should be posted at the START of the week and should VERY RARELY vary.

Furthermore, and you need to be really paying attention now, everyone sleeps.
The majority does so during the night.
So you put the maintenance when it impacts the least amount of people (you have to use logic here).

If you announce it when the majority is sleeping already and had made their plans to wake up early and catch 2-3 hours of game before the reset, they woun’t be aware (since they are already asleep and you can’t check for notifications during that time, also to apply logic here).

In short, before posting do use AT LEAST common sense and if you have nothing of worth to talk about, just shut up.

woke up early to finish up some last dailies on my alts and the servers were down uwu

sure it could be better, but no biggy i guess

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Any update on being able to hide ship skins like we can character skins? I’d like to see my Ghost Ship and not the basic Hermida’s skin.

Thanks, but how can this be something that you need to work on? Its like either you do it or you dont situation.

You should do maintenances by regions… in Europe servers down from 8 AM until 12 PM ?
Really guys ??? Do it in night time not in the middle of the day… just sayin…I play lots of games and never had this issue PLEASE FIX IT it’s not cool for your players to wait 4 hours maybe more in daytime to be able to login

Here we are again.

At least this time we got more warning than in the past. This time also shows that when the maintenance ends isn’t a concern - this maintenance is ending 17:00 server time at the current schedule.

@moriala the reason it’s something they can “work on” is that scheduling employees for maintenance isn’t always easy either. We can be frustrated all we want, but if they just can’t have employees at a different time then they can’t.

lol, they do it at midnight in america, they cant do the same here ? can somebody explain why they absolutely want to make a GLOBAL maintenance ? i cant understand where is the problem if they do region maintenance time, a lot of game are doing it ? Too hard for billion company ? Or are you they just “evil” ? and wanna make european community frustrated in every aspect of the game ? missing classes, missing content, maintenance time ? if you want people to quit this game so bad, you are in the damn right direction for sure

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Why are you mad… Every week we have maintenace at the same time. In europe it is at working time and in America around midnight. I think that is a good solution and my understanding is that they cant make different maintenances because of the steam client.

They should do maintaince at liek 3am GM+2, not anywhere near weekly reset.