Stop "Enter" from accepting selections

I am so sick and tired of pressing Enter to type into chat and 10 windows pop up because Enter accepted something instead of entering the chat box to type. There is no reason whatsoever for Enter to accept things. Just click yes. Now should we just click yes and then type into chat? Sure, but if you’re typing into chat and the damn pop-up appears while you’re typing, it’ll happen.


good thing for you Seto and Vykas doesn’t involve to push ENTER key :^)

I got similar issue with Esc, closing a pop-up when que pops up - had to unlearn this habit. The game has a lot of blatant UX issues, tho this one is already fixed in KR afaik.
Too bad this version is too busy recoloring NPCs rather than bringing important QoL updates or fixing their embarrassing localization.

Can you accept Party Invites with Enter key?

KR changed the dungeon & raid queue invitations, the keyboard inputs are restricted, you can’t accept with Enter nor (accidentally) decline with ESC, only clicking with mouse

I would consider that a QoL change, with luck we get it in September Part 1 Update, if not then it should only be a matter of time (hopefully soon)

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Have you tried to change the keys in “Controller” for others you prefer or doesnt create conflicts with other commands?

I have practically the 75% of the predeterminated keys changed. included potions, bombs, Awakening, Speciality commands, mount, ship, songs, shop, etc etc.