Stop making me manually pick up Guardian Souls

As the title suggests, stop making me pick up my guardian souls. I have the “Harvest Guardian Soul” option checked before I enter the guardian raid. After a long fought boss fight, FOR SOME REASON, I don’t get my guardian soul going straight into my bag. INSTEAD, I have to play hide and seek with it.

There is no such loot pickup system in Chaos Dungeon and Abyss Raids. After getting used to running those dungeons/raids, I have the tendency to leave dungeons quickly. I don’t want to waste my time. I just ran 2 Guardian Raids thinking the loot will just be in my bag. Nope. I just wasted 20 minutes doing Guardian raids to get absolutely nothing. What a great system.

I would love to see the statistics on how many people forget to pick up the loot in the guardian raid. What a stupid mechanic.


It is complete, straight forward insanity that through the thousands upon thousands of complaints about this it still has not been addressed by the game devs. This is so offensive. Not only is it the only place in the game you have to loot, not only does it CONSUME THE DAILY SOUL COUNT STILL EVEN WHEN YOU DON’T LOOT??? NOT ONLY DOES IT NOT GO TO YOUR MAILBOX??? But it has been a huge complaint for 4 years… are you kidding me? What a joke.


I feel you guys, pressing that default G button once or twice more a day is something that needs addressing right away, even before the queue times/bots.



Anything official on this ?

That system is just a No Go and should be reworked asap.

If i dont Loot the Soul, my Daily Entry shouldnt be gone!
Or just send it via Mail if Players forget to Loot. Cant be that hard.

Maybe just pay a little more attention?
Its 1 button press xD

Or just click on the soul? Can’t be that hard.