STOP making the game easyer!

The easyer the game is the faster will die.

You already have a big example of that… new world where ppl got maxed in 1 month.

A mmo should last years, many years to be able to get NEAR to end game sets. a mmo is meant to be played many years not weeks or months. Take a look at the mmos that stand alive with a decent player base even today and the games are from 2004-2006.

Do not make things easyer, make them harder!

If you think that is why New World died, you have no idea why New World died… Also, if you want to look at the mmos that have been around that long, look at WoW and see a game that has made content easier and more accessible. As long as they don’t nerf the top-end stuff (currently T3), they’ll be fine.


I prefer to look at cabal, mu, conquer and many other classics… all ppl know this game to compare with is wow, fk wow, there are way to many other games around.

And about nw, i made in 1 week what i did in other mmos in years… ofc i had less taste to play day by day since i ended up in having nothing to do anymore in less then 1 month and the single thing everyone was doing it was to run after some dumb chest to grow the watermark.

And which of those games that you listed are as profitable?

You’re talking about the game facing death due to it being made easier, so it’s natural to point out the massively successful title that has done exactly that and still prints money to this day. Yeah, I hate WoW too, but you can’t deny it’s success.

Ur right about success, there is no dubt about, but still a mmo should not be that easy, mmo are that kind of games where ppl play for years, where ppl play in team, guilds to be able to achive things.
There is no point into make a mmo to become as single player game or a co op game that end in weeks or months. The easyer it is, the faster will die, not to mention that lost ark dont have any viable pvp, there is no guild war, no clan war, no teritory war so after we make a decent set that will allow us to complet all dungeons in a team there will be nothing more to do anymore.
Dont tell me about completing the achivements other crap since the rewards are 99% crap and give no motivation to complete them. (except those skill points anything else is pretty much useless unless somebody want that skin).

Also if this game will die fast, there will be a huge problem for us, the gamers, there is nothing else decent to play at all…

Well, then in that case there is good news - look at the KR version, there’s a lot more content to come. As long as they keep the top end difficult, that’s what matters to those who want a challenge. Everything up to that point though - let it be a little easier, history has shown that accessible content actually keeps more players.

Companies want to make money and if they only cater to the most hardcore players, that actually reduces their ability to do that. That is why MMOs focused on the more hardcore players are made by smaller studios who aren’t as beholden to profit margins, they can build those experiences for those players. For a game like Lost Ark, which is aiming at the mainstream crowd, they have to acknowledge that the casual playerbase is a large portion of their audience and if they alienate them, they give up a large chunk of revenue.

The game is already to easy if u ask me… to be able to get lvl 50 in 2-3 days without to play hard core i think is already to easy. But we will see what will be.

I can see that point, but as someone who’s played numerous Korean MMOs, most of them are like this - the leveling process is basically an extended tutorial wrapped in a story that may or may not be acceptable (if the player cares about it, some do and others don’t). For most Korean games, the endgame grind to max out equipment is the bulk of the content and when content is added, it’s done in a way to make you have to grind longer to chase ever-higher numbers. While I haven’t played on the KR or RU versions, from what I understand the grind to max out a character can take months if you’re not going full wallet warrior to get everything off the market.

I think it’s good that they didn’t release the NA/EU version with everything that is out in other regions, it lets there be content progression. It should be fine if they can get the bots under control and also get the EUC servers into a better place.

bots will be here forver, they are in any game, they were from the begining of mmos. Also no matter what and how hard the game developers try the RMT is a thing that will never be stoped.