STOP matchmaking double support!

It makes me hate playing paladin. The games are horribly boring, the damage is terribly low and feel LONGER somehow even though the time doesn’t change!

I’d rather have a longer MM wait time than do these matchups…

Game matchmaking is very bad
2 sp SUCKS

Good, we need less supports in pvp and more in pve, i think the level requirement to pvp should be bumped to 50 to force people to level supports if they wanna try an abuse them, because they are overpowered.

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Why do you want to make the barrier to entry in pvp higher, barrier to entry should be low in my opinion. Supports should be just adjusted, no need to make the barrier to entry higher it will reduce the pvp playerbase even more.

Pls no.

Yeah let’s fix supports being overpowered and unevenly distributed by making the entire PvP system worse and also doing nothing about the support issue.

Pretty sure this next patch is going to nerf them in any case. Dreading the inevitable shift in my luck from getting 1 overpowered support per 5 I face to getting 5 nerfed supports per 1 I face.

there should NEVER be 2 (or even 3) of the same class in one team ever…
balancing is hard enough as it is but class-stacking will never be balanced!

awww matchmaking rng being bad in pvp? never heard of that before. lets see how other games address this…

League of Legends: 10 apes in every game
Overwatch: killed their game by forcing a stale meta
CoD: >12 year olds in every lobby
Valorant: yikes

it seems as if all matchmaking has issues. strange. i personally love getting random games where i get double support and can drop a fatty game. just from the rng of teams your wins and losses should balance out naturally. for every game the enemy team gets double supp you will inevitably get one as well eventually. sometimes you gonna get inted by teammates 20 games in a row, and sometimes you will get hard carried as much. pvp teammate rng is half of the fun and frustration equally. dont take the variety out of it pls. its half the fun and skill gap to be able to play different sub optimal or op comps.

It would be nice, when everyone can pick up there role before Klick on match making. Like other games. Supporter Need more benefits in this case, more dds than supporter on the way :sweat_smile: like WoW