STOP MILKING US and give us the 1460 enhancing research

The 1460 research should a came with valtan if they was about us but obv they just about milking as they know this content folk wanna do more of with alts etc … I’ve been 1409 on my main alt over a week failing over and over I’ve never had so much bad luck since 1370 and yet folk say wait for the research buff don’t do it … Well it’s my fav class I want it but the game is being super shit with it progressing over two hundred greaters today and I’m 1411 everything I tap fails with all juice it’s a joke … The game knows sumhow I desperately want 1415 on this and not one moment it giving me luck… worst progression system in any game suited only to them making them rich … if they gave a **** about us the research would a dropped on valtan…fact

How does the research help you if you aren’t 1460


He wrote main alt is 1409, I had to re-read it once or twice lol.

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there is no content at 1460 and 1460 is not very accessible to most people that dont spend, or spend very little. it would give waay to much of an advantage to those that spend. most of the time, spending usually just allows you to waste money so you can flex, but in this case, it would feel pretty inconsiderate to those that are just grinding and not spending. just my two cents.


My guess is it will come with vykas.

Just my 0.02

If they release it now people will say “omg this game is p2w, whales can level up their alts easier than f2p cuz of the stronghold research”

People gonna cry P2W either way. But I do agree that there are no particular reasons to release it now. As Sbue1 said, there are no contents at 1460 atm, so no real reason to push your character 1460+

The only reason is to feed the whales/cheaters thats why im against it

Yes release the buff, i need to lv up my 17 atls from 1400 to 1415 for honing mats to sell for gold. I don’t do RTM but if you don’t release buff now i might.

“AGS is literally forcing me to RMT sadface” kekw

Sad but true, where else do i get the gold? sell blue crystal, doesn’t make a dense on my second account main that i trying to push to 1490, still use lv9 gems, sad.

Did i say my second account? Sorry my brother’s account, he often play it on my computer.

Yeah, i mean i can’t sell the mats i get from chaos/guardians on any of my 17 alts, even if they give me about 15k gold per day if i sell it, how am i going to get those 20 legendary books, they cost me 150k gold in total, i would have to farm for 10 days thats 2 much, they are forcing me to RMT :0(