Stop nerfing content

This makes me and a lot of other people worried for future content, please don’t touch T3 content ESPECIALLY legion raids. This isn’t me or other players trying to “gatekeep content” it just makes us worried for the future of the game if it’s already happening so soon.

Stoopzz has a really good take on this as well

EDIT(3/1/22): This kind of blew up overnight, it was mainly just a rant but now this post is the 3rd most commented forum post (from what I could see) and I think that says a lot about what people think of this change. Guardian raid HP% is whatever, if it’s going to match the Korean server HP% then it’s a welcomed change because we want the SAME game, nothing more, nothing less. We don’t want a special “western version”. I’m still really worried what this will mean for T3 content as it releases. My MAIN thing is why don’t we teach the player base how the systems work instead of nerfing content? I feel like the majority of players don’t understand the core systems of the game and this is why they’re getting shit on by Vertus and Yoho. Regardless of these changes and whether or not you agree with me or anyone else commenting, there’s no reason to be rude to anyone especially Roxx. I guess we just have to wait for the dev post / patch notes to come out to truly know what is happening.

Last edit: My previous stance was “just get better at the game” but after reading peoples comments and doing more research to understand why people are frustrated, I kind of get it now. This doesn’t mean I want nerfs, but if it’s going to allow MORE people to get into T3 content, then its for the best anyway. I’d rather have people get frustrated with bosses and content in the end game than be stuck in T1. If people quit in T3 content, that’s okay bc they can always come back and catch up quickly with friends or whatever, but if they are stuck in T1/T2 bc the content is too hard for them, they’ll never come back. I still believe T3 content shouldn’t get nerfed as it releases bc most of us just want the Korean game, but in our respective regions.
There are a lot of systems and gimmicks in the game with bosses and gear, I think its important to teach the low level player base about these systems more in depth.
At the end of the day, I keep saying it, but i’ll say it again , we just want the Korean version of the game in the west. I have full trust in Smilegate and the director.

TLDR: T1/T2 guardian nerfs = okay / Abyssal nerfs = bad bc the players need to learn/understand mechanics for T3 content. **
** T3 nerfs in general = bad.


This is what happen when you give randoms the opportunity to express themself on content that is already easy


Its so sad.


??? why nerf shit already the games been out 3weeks… Jesus, you best not touch Legion raids or i cba


As the post says “they are more tedious than fun”, and it is right. Thanks for the changes AGS and Smilegate.


this is not smart


Tell me you’re not good at the game without telling me you’re not good at the game.


them being difficult is what makes this fun, learn the game, get engravings, understand the systems rather than complain “its hard” ??


I’m actually super surprised to see the abyss dungeons as part of these nerfs, all of my failed groups are not because the bosses are unfair, its entirely from poor play and the same goes for most of the guardians listed.


this is the dumbest thing im seeing right here, like the absolute fuck. They are ready to ruin the game not even one month into release. Are your serious.


if things getting worse we might have to go to RU bc they dont change anything.


Wow, I didn’t even get to some of these yet and they’re being nerfed already?
What kinda percentage are they even basing this needing to be changed on??


the content already is way too easy

nobody who seriously enjoys the game wants the content to be nerfed. Necromancer’s Origin? Nacrasena?
If this content is too hard then this game is over because I do not want to play a game that has zero challenges. As it is the game is already super easy even the hardest content available right now.

Even if you fail on Vertus a few times, you can just get 30 more gear score and faceroll him anyway.


Yo, screw the nerf. Stop catering to the snowflakes. This game was made to be challenging, and people are trying to ruin that by looking for instant gratification.

How about making certain lobbies for past clearers only?
how about tagging players that join your lobby with a % cleared, so lobby leaders can pick people according to their lobby expectations?

Don’t ruin the game to please the crybabies. Thanks!


this is extremely depressing. so many people are genuinely bad at the game, refuse to get better, and then come to complain on the forums.

i really hope this is as far as they go with nerfs because holy shit all of that content is cake after you take 2 seconds to analyze fights, and just do mechanics.


its literally just learning the game, better positioning, learning your class, the systems etc. its so lame. its literally all about the mechanics and now its just easy mode? i dont get it


Have no reason for low level Guardian Raid and low level Abyssal to be harder or have the time of fight extended by increasing the HP of bosses.

If you are good as you are trying to show, you should not even be doing the Raids and Abyssal nerfed.


Why on gods green earth are they nerfing stuff 3 weeks in?
If AGS is worried about retention then deal with queues, server transfers, matchmaking issues and bots.


dude half the guardians take less than 8 minutes if you just learn how to play the game. even at the same ilvl they take like 10 minutes to complete


I have some clears where the party took 3min lol this person is trolling.

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