Stop nerfing content

thats exactly how it was in the other versions as well when the content was current content over there. its 100% identical.

100% identical BS.

i have done this literally when it was implemented. the only time where it was different was when the season 2.5 change removed the ap/dp gate and t1 and t2 content didnt get balanced for it. now they set it back to how it was and how its supposed to be.

Bye bye fun, easier content is bored.

Now I do know that this game is for that kind of public, people who can’t tolerate frustration. Nerfing T3 content and other stuff is matter of time, even if they said they won’t, It’s because the database players “maybe” are under 25 or 20 years old. One member of this forum said “communism has arrived to Lost Ark”, and It’s true, tendency to level down players.

GG for us, people who loves challenges, GG adventure.

PD: My english is on progress.

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there’s 0.5% of the player base in t3, probably should not change the content as fast as someone makes it through

raid bosses do not have more HP than in other regions.
here is the threat about it some test it very easy.
conclusion: raid bosses (steam version) now have the same hp as in other regions.

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Fixed it for you. You are welcome!

Thanks jajaj

My pleasure :blush:

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you mean nerf the content that they buffed only for our version bcs ppl on forums wanned to buff it before they knew there will be T3 ?
The nerf that will be around 25% while the bosses were buffed around 50% ?
So we will still ONLY IN OUR VERSION have buffed guardian raids?

You ppl just know / read half of the stuff

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oh I understand what you’re saying there, like I said it is a very fine line that has to be balanced there. making earlier content a cake walk doesn’t prepare them for higher tier difficulty and game progression, but on the other hand having that content be too challenging too early on will frustrate you as opposed to push you to be better.

Korea gets nerfs every 2-3 weeks. It’s how the game is. Get over it.

They only nerfed it cus the difficulty spike on those specific pieces of content were way overtuned. A raid 1 boss of three raids shouldnt be harder than all the rest that followed including some t3 bosses, in t2.

Thats bad balance period. Its a good thing they are bringing more inline of where it should be.

so bosses will only be nerfed regarding their hp hm?
seems like they nerfed the fucking game in the ground. removing wipe mechanics? what a fucking joke. its honestly embarrassing to play the western version. a total disgrace to the game as a whole.


good thing you can uninstall the game. also, I am glad the content of the game has never been nerfed or buffed in KR or RU. wait a second. it has.

these nerfes are a bad joke. amazon games ruind the second game with nerfes. thank you.

They never got rid of wipe mechanics . This is to cater all the people that don’t bother trying a boss a second time or watching a 3 minute video or even listening to their party explaining the mechanic .

Congratulations now we can all gather and do dance emotes in major cities while we pose in our new outfits that everyone is making threads about .

GG EZ GAME. T3 will be a nightmare. Thank you smilegate for ruining the learning curve.

Don’t worry they’ll 100% nerf T3 contents after seeing another 5-10% success clear. :saluting_face:

It’s not like T1 and T2 guardian raids are completely irrelevant. it’s not like new players in KR are completely skipping T1 & T2 content, entering the game at T3. it’s a good thing those players also get a 20% armor buff up to 1375 GS. meanwhile, we in the west actually need to play through the content, how dare we be so catered? how dare we have to actually play the T1 and T2 content unlike KR and RU. this is blasphemy.

perhaps stop whining so much, and actually know what is going on at the other versions before you cry about nerfs on content that barely has relevance since the game really gets going at T3.

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