Stop nerfing content

if you wanna walk in there and 1 shot the boss while standing still go play wow


I disagree with this change, hard can be fun, hard is challenging that does not make it bad or not fun…


thanks noobs for destroying the game :slight_smile:


Please dont do this. Content is way too easy as it is.


Adding my voice to the discussion. Its ridiculous to nerf already easy content not 20 days after launch. If you want to nerf them, do it when more t3 content is out and most people are leveling alts. All this is going to do is lower the average skill of players entering t2 and t3 so the pug experience is going to be damn awful.

Amazon please reconsider these nerfs.


For reference here, this choice was not only made in response to the forum thread – the team primarily looked at success rates of the content in the list before making this decision, some of which were extremely low (under 10%)

But as always, I will let the team know.


Official source for 50% increase please. I’ve seen this thrown around a lot but I haven’t seen any receipts yet.

Amazon will kill this game like New World game. please don’t touch THE DIFFICULT OF THIS GAME, People who are whining of this will quit the game in 1 month, don’t listen of them please…


+1 dont nerf the game not even a month in. Come on, then in 2 weeks the same ppl who complain will leave or complain there is no challenge. Damn so dumb.

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Tytalos is way too hard for sure. :slight_smile: even people know mech would fail so many times. You did a great job.


But I haven’t even gotten to some of these, what % of the playerbase is being looked at here?

Why is content that a player starting on one of the new servers wouldn’t even reach yet being nerfed?


I can’t believe people really cry about T1 and T2 bosses are too hard to clear… Exactly THIS is what made me play Lost Ark, because I saw Abrelshud-Raid and I was so hyped to grind this raid so hard until I finally know this raid 100% and can do it while sleeping.

But srsly… People crying about T1 and T2 Raids being too hard… What will happen to Abrelshud then? You can’t even release this boss because people will never clear this raid then…


Don’t touch Abyss Dungeons. They are fine the way they are :neutral_face: people need to learn how to play


Imagine being so bad at the game and refusing to adapt you want to ruin how the game is originally played. It won’t be fun if you face roll everything without doing any mechanics.


So the west release beta had some players say the first guardians they tried was too easy.

For some reason the hp is then raised 50% (from what was descibed).

This change now seems to revert the changes (?)
Not much detail.

People knee-jerk react when seeing “nerf” but if the end result now is the same as eastern regions.
Is it really so bad in your opinion?


So instead of requiring players to learn mechanics and their classes you nerf stuff 3 weeks in.

How are these players supposed to prepare for t3 legion raids or are these getting nerfed as well?

Do you know how many people I have seen running with lvl 1 grudge?


i swear to god, ITS 3 WEEKS, what u expect!!! let them practise more and they will clear it, wtf is this brain logic???


The point of guardian raids and Abyss dungeons are to teach proper mechanics for endgame.
I’m a new player, yes i wiped learning the mechanics. But once you do everything properly the fights are so smooth and satisfying. this is going to be a mess when people arent going to throw bombs or do stagger checks later on.
It is going to set up a loop of forever nerfing content because people arent going to learn.
Please revert the change and put out some guides or go about teaching people better.


I was opposed to this change from the beginning… and I already knew from just playing that the nerf would affect specific guardian. as they are in fact harder than the rest in their specific section… however I felt that this made the guardian more diversified and some are hard, some are easier.

Since it’s a copy of monster hunter, it just makes sense to me that it varies greatly. Just like some monster in monster hunter are very hard even though they are not the final bosses.

While I mentioned in another post that changing the guardian raid will make the people content with it mad and create more discord on the topic… I hope they do not proceed with this change!

This is seriously (aside from abyssal dungeon) the only “difficult” part of the game, which was a fun task to do.

I agree 100% with the OP. I cleared all the content in T1 and T1 with randoms without major issues. We wiped at the beginning but we learned and made progress very fast. The major problem was always that some of them didn’t know the mechanics.