Stop nerfing content

Imagine amazon ruins a game that has been wildly successful for multiple years after dragging New World through the dirt…


the frustration does not come from the difficulty of the content but especially from the difficulty in tagging the dungeons! the PU and infamous between people who do not try to understand the strat / leave at the first wype! the guys who read their builds on sites without understanding them! you offer no solution to the overload of the instance servers but nerf the dungeons regardless of the level in fact one should not release the game with so many levels and release it as the players assimilate the gameplay we just see a race to ILVL instead enjoy what the game has to offer us like to release KR! you removed from the base classes, to offer T3 content on release for the nerf 3 weeks later as players struggle to tag a dungeon

Yeah, people who dont care to learn how to build their class, dont know u can use potions in Abyss or Raids, or that u can repair armor in them and have no idea what tactics or battle items are, complain that the content is too hard. Matchmaking and joining a party with these kind of people happen quite often in t1, and then they dont know how to communicate and expect to be carried through Abyss, most likely not even having their chat open. I think they expect Abyss and other content to be like dungeons on the world map, easy, but when they’re not they complain it’s too hard. Imagine these people making it to and matchmaking in t3 content, when they never learned anything.

Making the earlier content easier just lets those people who are lazy or expect a carry, have to learn the things they could learn in early game, in late and end game. Which in turn makes people who learned all that stuff in early game frustrated and annoyed. Or if they dont want to learn they just quit the game.

Sure there are those “training and guide” things in game but u can basically skip them without learning ANYTHING. I breezed through them myself cause I already knew all that stuff, got the rewards not having read anything because the game highlights what you need to press so u dont have to pay attention on what you are doing.

I really hope those nerfs dont come…

The content isnt hard when you have some basic knowledge, right stats for your build and ability coordinate and listen. Not to mention the joy of knowing you were part of the clear rather than the person who ate all 3 deaths.


Guys tell your friends and everyone to over post this forum that they got the real % numbers of players who are against the nerfs! they are arguing that they wanna nerf it cuz they only got a clearing of under 10 % of these content but the game is only 3 weeks online! do they want us to rush through? WTF is wrong! so if “WE” the real player base, telling them to stop nerfing cuz we wanna have fun and they got numbers of like 70% dont want to nerf the game, i´d expect them to do as we say cuz they already listn to the 5% of whiners who are sadly in every part of life! people who cry and whine the whole day are the reason the Earth is fucked up! Stop crying and start doing something! part of being human is so great, cuz you can learn anything as a human thats what is so wonderufl and what animals can not! so gaming is what we do after work or sport at home to challange us a bit more. cuz we dont life 10000 Years ago so games are our challange too.

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Well, I dont play Guardian Raids anymore because I cant even harvest a single Guardian Soul due to connectivity issues. So, I dont care about anything.

We don’t want an ez-pz “kill-everyone with spacebar” game, we just want stabilized, populated and playable MMOARPG. You have bigger problems… Difficulty gives us motivation and energy, but empty servers and queues do not.

please for the love of this game and all that is Armen holy, DONT NERF THE GAME


PLEASE DON’T NERF ANYTHING !!! You will remove all the fun from this awesome game…

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Thanks for killing the game in less than a month Amazon ! WP !
Welcome to WoW Raid Finder mode.

You actually know that players looking for hard pve content will just leave your game once you nerf it, because nerfing it in T1 T2 means that you will clearly nerf T3 when you will see with your fake numbers that 0.000001% of players can kill t3 boss ???

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Guardian Raids have been some of the more annoying parts of the content so far, only because some people just do not understand what a DPS is supposed to do and what a support is supposed to do. Everyone is way too scared of being killed or damaged, leading to them just running around the boss without ever actually doing anything at all. That being said, Abyssal Dungeons have been absolutely the most fun and satisfying part of this game for me. I’m at a point where i feel like i can faceroll most things in the game, except Abyssal Dungeons. I do not have a group of people i do it with or anything like that, i always look forward to learning and teaching what i know with randoms and beating it. Yes, i am a guide andy, but you are straight lying if you are in late T2 or early T3 without ever watching an abyssal guide (except for the anomaly 1%). All in all, the difficulty (not even difficulty, just coordination between 8 people) is what i have found the most enjoying part of the game. I’ve played since founders pack and i am still T2 because of my shit luck with upgrading gear, but i always look forward to abyssal content.

Holy even nacrasena in t3 doesn’t take my average match-found lobby longer than 6 mins xD
Oh yeah i forgot… that’s mostly people that like to play the game and though dared to learn a few things. Ok i said nothing…

Please, do not nerf content!!! People need to learn mechanics! Do not mess up this game!


Can we please nerf/disable players on the opposite team of mine in PvP, please, and also give me a OS button, because I’m kinda terrible and I don’t want to learn the game, thanks !


Definetely you can’t nerf after 3 weeks and the stats of 10% is wrong because many abyssal and guardian got cancelled by party cause of a guys disconnect or they can’t repair stuff cause of crystal aura don’t works.
Amazon games gonna do a big mistake if they nerf the content.

Nerf content is a really bad idea, difficulty currently fine. Plz don’t do that Amazon. Usually I never use forum to complain, I just creat an Amazon account to say : don’t nerf raid or dungeon ! It’s ok like this ! There is a lot of things to do in this game, people don’t want chalenging content can play in other way !


Not everyone has a guild with enough people to do gate of paradise, and good luck doing it with randoms.
t1 and t2 are kinda like “leveling” content, and should be totally pugable.

You want uber try hard content? They could add a hard mode, or you could just wait to the real endgame, aka t3.

I absolutely support these nerfs.

Do not nerf please, the game has around 3 weeks, I include myself I didn’t do t2 or even t3 raids dungeons etc, but i love challenge content and nerfing ruins the game experience . My opinion ofc.

Making things harder is what make us improve, and the reward itself is priceless . Because we won a hard encounter.

So in my opinion you shouldn’t nerf.

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because you’re bad at the game

Imagine nerfing a game that has been out for 3 weeks, because people dont care to learn or do mechanics lol


let me get this straight … are they removing the boost they added (50% hp) for the west region and then nerfing the normal hp ? or are they removing the boost and we will get the normal version of the bosses. Cuz there is a difference… From what i know, we got a version on which all bosses have +50% hp for some weird reason. So its not an actual nerf if they make the bosses as they are on the normal version.