Stop nerfing content

I did gate of paradise with my alt in pug every week and with a little bunch of time we got it.

I hope amazon will react to us and stop the nerfs or redo them… It is such an amazing experience to learn difficult mechanics and achieve a victory as a result. I never played lost ark before and I wiped A LOT, but as I played more I got better and better and that’s the main reason I love this game. stop the nerfs D:


don’t nerf


Go back to Russian servers ! Imagine if they nerf Baltan, Biakyss, etc… what a waste of time !

I mean just let smile gate handle the balancing in game .

So with your own words you said that t1 and t2 is too hard for you. And that “hardcore” player should go to t3 the real endgame… So you imply that you will deinstall once you reach t3 cause you simply can’t handle it and are not even trying to improve yourself. Awesome logic and reasonable thinking you provide us with here… Let there be more people in easy content to later deinstall anyway xD

btw. i did all bosses in pugs first, even abyss dungeons and I’m not a hardcore gamer. Just love the game and though dared to learn some things whilst playing it :wink:
Maybe you should try that, or at least reread what you write first…

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hes pleb trash, im done with these nerf plebs

If you think t1 and t2 is too hard, then you will never do t3. Which means that you will complain again about t3 being too hard

No, we didn’t. They had reduced HP in the beta/network test and after people questioned Amazon they reverted this for release. Our current values are consistent with other regions.

See: Rumors about 50% guardians hp

Since most things can be purchased in game, i feel like the honor of rocking abyssal gear is the only true merit in the game thus far… yeah there are ways around this, but if you got it, you earned it in one way or another. I feel like the amount of power gained between epic and legendary gear is fair, one person cared enough to learn and beat abyssal dungeons, the other didn’t. In the long run it doesn’t even matter because T1 and T2 gear does not matter at all, its just getting to T3 that matters. Do not nerf abyssal content, it doesn’t matter because everyone who wants to will get to T3, and people who dont care for legendary abyssal gear dont have to, its all the same.

The current difficulty of the dungeons is one of the reasons why I love this game. Don’t make the same mistakes that other publishers have made. These have led to a large number of players leaving. In the end, all the big raids were broken because there were simply no players left. If you start now, then I will now already think about whether the game makes sense in the long run. This game offers exactly the challenge that I have been looking for in many other games since Vindictus or C9. Don’t ruin this!!!


Games from when I was a child of the Super NES and Mega Drive were extremely difficult and not because of that the children and adults of the time cried for the difficulty, they tried again from the beginning of the game… when they finished the game it was extremely pleasant and exciting… People of now must learn the content and play like it always was in the past and that’s what’s cool about a game.

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ah so after the nerfs we will have the “beta” raid bosses?

Nerfing guardians hp = Good
Reducing the amount of stagger needed for hildebrandt sheidl break = Good

Making wipe mechanics not wipe people = bad. You can make them more lenient though. For instance its objectivelly impossible to figure out what you have to do just by reading the pop-up that shows up during the mechanic itself. You’ll have to die a dozen of times and explore things to finally learn the mechanic. And that relies on 4-7 other people willing to teach/let you die that much, which isn’t very cool.

we need a practice mode for dungeons and guardians, period.

Agreed. do not nerf anything after just 3 weeks of gameplay. The challenge is the fun of the game and removing the difficulty removes the fun. Less fun = less funds.

A simple 2 to 5 min youtube video can teach you just about all you need to know about any boss. The ppl complaining are simply being lazy and you are catering to that laziness with these nerfs.

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I dont trust that 10% succes rate thingie, how was that the outcome, ON EUC MATCHMAKING AINT WORKING AND WE CANT DO THESE BOSSES because we cant get in…

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You have to understand the game has been out for only so long. The people rushing this content are relatively hardcore imo and the average player has yet to still reach the content. Having 10% completion is a result of it being out for only three weeks because we’re talking END GAME content here. Making it too easy simply to catapult people into end game will also leave them with less to do.

Before complaning about the difficulty of a content you should follow these steps :

  1. Check your build. Have the right stats, the right engravings and a build that make sense. Most of the people I’m playing with in pug even in tier 3 have engravings that look like this (Simulating with mine, couldn’t get the cursed doll in aswell)
    When it’s ULTRA cheap to have something like this (not even lv3 impulse)
    Taking the extra step to optimize your character just a little make a huge difference and this is not anything like elitism the game LITERALLY tell you “do this”. Yet the huge majority of player who complains have both : trash stats and no engraving or grudge, cursed doll or else at low level when it’s an endgame engraving requiring you to KNOW what you’re doing.

  2. Watch the mechanics, I’ll take for exemple the Fox Yoho and Nacrasena who both will get nerfed. I could launch a hundred run TODAY of both of them and not seeing ANYONE either using destruction bomb/skill on Nacrasena’s tail when staggered or step in and out on Yoho’s fire breath to gain a huge damage buff. Yet both of these make the fight 300% faster and easier, also I’ve almost never seen someone actually countering a boss yet the frame is huge and it’s fairly easy to do once you’ve tried the boss couple of times.

In two simple steps the game become easy and the only thing holding you back is your own skill or the pug your in not knowing about those steps. There’s nothing difficult about what’s being nerfed here.

I’d like to finish by reacting to what @Roxx is telling us there. So the success rate. you’re telling us you’ve looked at it but did you looked at everything it implies ? Consummables usage, stats, engravings used ? Because I’m quite sure this is absolute BS, no offense. If the player fail at reading tutorials and taking the extra steps of usings everything they can to clear the content then yes the success rate will drop significantly but it SHOULD NOT justify the content being nerfed. There’s nothing wrong about the game and his difficulty, the problem result in players skipping everything in their desire to go as fast as possible. Players are too much used to games that are easy, on rails and already half dead from the beginning. As a business I understand why Amazon want to nerf the content and if by that it means getting the same version as in Korea I would fully agree but if we’re taking a different path than the Korean version and nerfing the content to please people who will leave the game in a month or two when the real content comes out then I would be fully against it. Difficulty nowadays shouldn’t be up to the player but as intended by the devs, players only want the quick easy way.
And by the way, making content easier in T1-T2 just mean they’ll complain and have poor result in T3 too, pushing you to nerf yet again. If the response of Amazon is always to nerf the content, let’s say the game will be dead soon enough.


bosses should be hard, players have to try it until they finally succeed…
wtf is this when you go in and out without a proper challenge, if they really nerf it i feel like its going to kill the fun to work towards these bosses and dungeons…

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