Stop nerfing content

I feel like the part of Lost Ark that makes the “F2P vs P2W” debate equalized is the skill factor. It makes good F2P players feel like they are achieving something by actually being good at the game, while P2W may not be able to beat a certain abyssal dungeon because of skill, but like i said before, it doesn’t even matter in terms of progress, its more like an honor badge in T1 and T2. And by “skill” i mean, somewhat simple mechanics, usually in abyssal content where there are wipe mechanics, you aren’t in danger of actually dying to damage, youre just in danger of mechanics. Survive the mechanics and you win, its kinda simple.

god, i hate the western mentality i swear, we fricking SUCK!!!

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I am so confused. Like are people really complaining about the first set of guardian bosses? Ur’nil??? Lumerus??? Icy Legoros??? Vertus??? People really think those need to be nerfed? Go play WoW and New World then, don’t let these trash plebs ruin Lost Ark.


also keep in mind if you make the easy bosses even easier, the same people will be complaining about the really hard bosses later on… guess they will be nerfed aswell, right?

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what a clown… yes it is sherlock

It is

Yeah or you just read a short text beforehand or listen 3 mins to a video, or the community should grow up and maybe explain bosses instead of making every group “know tactics” leaving after first wipe. You know the internet provided us with knowledge outside of libraries.
But i guess you can’t expect people to take 3 clicks and die 1-2 times whilst experiencing the mechanics they now know and later kill on 2-3 try.

I agree… the fact that they are nerfing the game AFTER JUST 3 WEEKS is completely MENTAL!!! Wtf is wrong with these guys or devs or whatever they are…

if really nerf content i gonna unistall the game despite having paid 100 euros!!!
the people who cry that it is too difficult are those who in 1 month will have abandoned the title in any case

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I don’t see why any Abyss Dungeon would need to get nerfed; these are a joke. As for Guardian Raids, they should simply raise the minimum ilvl requirements or have an additional “recommended ilvl requirement” sign. Too many people jump into these raids with the minimum requirements, expecting to contribute when in fact, they just get wiped.

You know there are other types of games for people that think like that? This game has a learning curve and it feels good to improve and learn.
You want to play without putting any effort while watching netflix go play something else or just do some quests and islands while reading manga. Leave the more challenging content out of your whinefest.

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Stop involving yourselves in Smilegates’ game, you’re publishers, not developers. New World was an absolute joke and should be evidence alone on how the people working at AGS aren’t capable of producing a fun and engaging game, don’t ruin another one.

And if we’re talking about statistics, almost 65% of the playerbase on New World were gone within a month of release. just 4% of the buyers remain playing it today. From 915K at release peak (October 3rd 2021) to 315K after 1 month (November 3rd 2021) and now 35k (As of March 1st 2022).




The people that are whining and happy for nerfs dont want to use their brains. They want free stuff with no thinking about their choices.

Create an in game poll through mail - one per account - to see if the playerbase wants this!! Let it run for a week then release the numbers to the public.

Dont make lost ark another easy westernized bastard MMO please.


I want to add my voice to the people 100% against nerfing the content of the game. Just give us time to learn.


This is a sad day for the game…
Seriously thinking about switching to RU or KR before I invest more hours into this


I think this is a fine proposal currently we have normal mode only if people really want an easier mode just move the current to hard, make the new one normal, and then give normal mode 50% of the drops that hard gives.

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Those of us who’ve been around the block and played MMO’s for decades have seen this before, and has seen what it does to a game if you nerf content so quickly. I am not a hardcore nolifer but I do invest a lot of time where I can into a game.

I went into the T1 Abyss raids last night with 2 friends and we pugged the 4th slot. We were able to do some of the content but not all, but that’s fine, we learnt so much trying.

We actually were able to beat some of the bosses after 10-15 tries, learning and teaching each other, even with 1 pug who was not on voice comms. Some of the pugs got frustrated and quit, but others did not.

The reality is your customers who scream for the nerf so they can check the “i have done this box” ASAP are also the customers who are most likely to move on as soon as they check the box.

It’s fine to eventually nerf content to open it up to the masses who want to see the content, but doing it so early seems rash.

The OP has it right, working together with a team to overcome the odds of a difficult encounter is one of the most satisfying reasons to play an MMORPG.


100%. Nerfing contents 3 weeks after release in new region seems very rushed and not thought through at all.