Stop punishing non RMT players plz

i know the devs/mods dont care but please do something about RMT and gatekeeping. If you dont RMT you dont get to play the game. i have 3K game hours. But how i am supposed to compete with players that have lvl 10 gems on every alt with almost 100 quality accs 5x3+1 setups.
have you checked the brel busses lately 5x3 players lvl 7/8/9 gems take them. because their alts are not juiced enough.


Every player who paid for a bus on any of their characters to these so called drivers helped them get there and gatekeep you and others from their lobbies.


And there we go, you’re trying to compete with your poorly geared alts with other people’s juiced mains. Nobody’s going to carry your alts.


You dont need to RMT to get good gems


Are you implying everyone who gatekeep RMT ? And just want to play with other RMTer ?


You are gatekeeped because your ilevel, roster level, class, or synergies ? By people who just play the game and don’t RMT

Now which one is more likely

I don’t recall any G5-G6 party where everyone have a 9/7 stones…. To get 5x3+1

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im talking getting denied on g1-2 parties on 5x3 full lvl 7 gems. bc other have rooster 250 and lvl 9/10 gems on all their alts. How would get millions of gold to spent per alt without rmt? even bussing valtan and vykas on your rooster wont earn you that much.

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This still is zero context so you are 5x3 level 7 gems…. I have no ideas your class, engraving setup , ilevel or roster level.

Clearly there some reason why the people are selecting other people over you. This is “gatekeeping”
Which I Agree

But where you jump to the conclusion because people RMT and you are losing out all the g1-g2 party

I don’t think their a cabal of RMT player that sitting there you know this guys who 5x3 all level 7 gems let all deny him.

well why would they play with 180 rooster with lvl 7 gems when they can get 250 rooster players with lvl 10 gems. there is no way to compete with these juiced alts. everyone now has alts like this with 1520 ilvl aswell. these lobbies are even called alt run.

So are you telling every g1-g2 is fill with these juices level 10 gems gigachad ?

mostly big juice yes

We must be playing a different game , I don’t know what else to tell you …. Because looking at it now and I don’t see these juiced level 10 gems gigachad in g1-g2

you must play with static or guild only then xD bc its nearly impossible to get lobby on alts unless mega juicy

I pug since day one… so you can stop assuming

It insane how I ask you to clarify your character but you continue to deflect about these gigachad level 10 gems alt

My main have zero level 10 or level 9 gems and doesn’t get get kept so maybe it not everyone else could be you. Just good for though

Just create your own party. If noone don’t want join to you then blame yourself

Man we’re so overpowered for Brel as it is because of all the balance patches we’ve gotten and players don’t even realize it

We’ve also gotten a huge influx of gems because of bots, so our gem economy is very similar to KR and they’ve been going for 3 years versus our 1

Gems/LoS/Gear/Quality that was supposed to be a once in a while sight by people who were whales has been destroyed by RMT, so now everyone can whale

And when everyone can whale, it really skews the perception of the players because they start to think that’s the norm, when it’s really supposed to be the opposite

RMT has done a number on the in-game economy, but it’s really messed with the players more than they think

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yes thats what everyone says then wait 1h for supports …

yeah just wait or you can use support. If not then run without support easy. You can’t say GATEKEEP IF YOU DON’T WANT TO WAIT FOR SUPPORT

They are never going to change Bussing.

You can literally look 1 year ahead in the future right now and notice that KR still has not done anything about bussing. It’s never going to change.

It’s content. It provides something for the bored players of Lost Ark to do with all these capped out characters sitting around waiting on the weekly resets.

It’s a service. It provides a way for alts to avoid having to run stuff until they are geared up.

You do not need to G2G to run a bus as well. You do understand these players could have bought the same gold from AGS and still been in the same spot they are today.

F2P players also run busses, your player power might not be tied to how much you spent, but how much you farmed.

RMT has nothing to do with the bots, you can buy gold in-game RMT from AGS.

I personally don’t run busses, not my thing… but players need to face reality that gatekeeping and bussing are just part of what lost ark is.

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you should just be thankful you are not like them

over 3k hours and you don’t have a 5x3 with lvl 7 gems… you are doing something wrong