Stop putting Bard/Pally on same team in PVP

My god, why is this even a thing? If there’s 2 supports, put them on separate teams. No one wants to play that matchup. Fix matchmaking


I’ve had at least 10 bard pairings tonight with no support on the other team. Fix the game.

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hey pvp is just a silly little minigame not to be taken seriously

I would not complain if they play good :smiley:

Having 2 supports in a team isn’t like having 2 healers in a game like world of warcraft.
You can still win with 2 or even 3 supports in your team you just have to play to your strengths and the enemy teams weaknesses. Even if it becomes a lot slower gameplay.

bard paladin is an insane comp if paired with a strong carry (pretty sure in other regions bard+paladin+artillerist is considered one of the best comps)

but it is unfair for one team to have double support and the other to have none if we are talking about matchmaking balance issues.

That MMR though, and everyone doing so much damage. Are you all just nonstop brawling mid lol?

The MMR is a very unforgiving system. After few matches I stoped caring. Impossible when you can pop off in one game and be stomped to the ground in the next.

And mby the mid brawling is because of low mmr mindset :smiley: I consider it bad game on my side, if my dmg is under 350k.

The rest I will blame on my teammates ^^

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Agree, this is the issue, no more pallys on my bard teams!


I like how that Diamond player, in a silver game with every class being the same, is the single worst performing player in the whole match.

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At least they weren’t a pally in the beautiful bard game!

Seeing a post keeping paladins out of our bard games is like music to my ears! (Yes pun intended)

Also not sure how MMR works here, it seems to not be sum zero; it also seems to not have a hidden mmr (diamond lost 21 points but a silver lost 41)

That might be because the silver losing more points is still playing his placement matches. Though it’s kinda ridiculous a diamond player (who performed worse than his silver teammates) loses the same amount of points. Makes me believe the PvP system is actually a grind (and not skillbased) and as long as you have 51% winrate you climb.

Hmm if the 41s are placements (I’ve only ever seen 41 and 21s that I can remember) it would mean yeah, 51% win rate = climb regardless of opponent skill; and the placements just skew where the middle of the pack is.

Idk why they cant just use the format for matchmaking like all other games use. Tank, supp, dmg.

Cause tbh the system is fine till stuff like bard and pally happen. They just dont die. Its hard enough when you got one of them but 2 omg theyre unkillable.