Stop releasing raids with new characters

Please stop releasing new raid content with new characters in the same week. It makes us have to choose learn a new class or keep on raiding with our friends. so many people last week wanted to make a summoner but with learning brel it just was not a option. artist is looking to be a repeat please let us play the new class in the new raid rather then play the new class or the new raid. spread out this content a little please.

@Roxx and the team


The worst part is, you can get Artist but you won’t have Yearning at least 4 weeks unless you fight with all of the other Artist players to push for a 3 Vykas Chests and 1 Valtan Chest, and that only gets you there one week earlier.

I agree that new Raids and characters should not be released together, it’s gonna be another shitshow.

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They could have the new KR hyper exress style with her but that is a heavy cope

yearning requires 40 Vykas mats, so you only need to buy 1 box from vykas to be done in 3 weeks (36+5), from valtan you need 35 so you get those just from clearing it 3 times. Obviously this assumes you do both on hard.

That does nothing for your time locked gear though, unless im missing something they never announced any kind of pass or express that would grant a player their relic set at lvl 1 or lvl 2 and make them able to walk into brel hard within a couple weeks right? you’re looking at 10 weeks of 1-4 brel NM just to transfer all pieces and get to brel hard reasonably. That excluding the 3 weeks for yearning, fastest time possible afaik is 13 weeks for full relic brel.

SG has backed themselves into a corner on new class release. There’s core things that would need to be changed or bypassed to fix the ever increasing height. Every time they try to slow hardcore down you just make the wall taller for casuals.

I heard this from memorizers patch review, its kinda hard for me to understand him sometimes so i could be wrong, but the new style is where you gain double of all amour crafting rewards for the character effected by the hyper express.

But yea I think you are right regardless, unless they also reducing the amounts need, again like KR.

I think they were simply looking at buffing or changing the raid mats in general. It doesnt seem to be tied directly to a power pass yet. It was intended to help gear alts and new characters, not just special occasions.

Big big copium that they make them roster bound and put them in the slot with the dyes… then, all youre current possessions that sit there would be viable.

Now that’s a critical level of copium lmao

True, but it seems likely. Doing so would not only help new players and vets gear alts, but also give a reason to run older raids on non gold making alts after you have a roster of brel machines. Thus, helping new players helping you.

I just wanted to try a new class. But since its buried under brel relese it makes it a lose sleep to do thing. I cant play 16 hours a day most players cant this totaly crippled summoner. we had like 5 people saving for summoner they abandonded it cuz of brel release, they had to choose.

At this point im not making a artist. no point in doing it. there isnt insentive to pick her over brel on my main roster.

I mean… that could be true. But that begs the question where we’re just getting brel hard in April why would we receive an express or pass thats designed for a region that is sitting at 1600? That would be a very very very extreme super speed and even then doubling it takes you from 3 weeks for relic to 1.5, 7 weeks for clown to 3.5 and 10 weeks of brel 1-4 NM to 5 weeks. You are still a month out from getting into full brel gear to make a reasonable push to Brel hard that releases at the exact same time. The time itself still isn’t there. And that is the fundamental issue with the game. Time.

We have spreadsheets, check lists, scheduling raid times, dailies. This all circles back to what KR is complaining about, its not content or lack of its “time” there’s not enough time to get things done on a day by day basis if you run a roster of any size bigger then 2. And then you are still expected to get horizontal content done? PvP? Anything that isn’t already on our checklists? The realization of the time investment is sitting in on many many people. It’s not just NA, EU, or SA even KR is feeling the pressure of time. They have an extra abyss each week as well.

Everything takes time, from sitting in lobbies waiting for supports to actually doing the fight to scheduling when you and your group can get together for 2 hours of uninterrupted time to actually do a raid or a couple. I’d wager most players playing this game are in their 20’s to early 30’s they have jobs, friends, some have families to take care of. They want to play because they enjoy the game, its world, its combat, and its features. But if they’re required to dedicated 4 hours to just doing homework each day before they can even play raids with their friends what’s the point?

My group alone has 2 people with families, one with an odd work schedule, another in medical so he can be unreliable, and another unemployed. One can buy their way due to success and no qualms about whaling, the unemployed one can only spend unhealthy time to keep up with the group and the married ones try to find any time they can to just do chores so we can all sit and raid a little bit in the evening. We enjoy the game, but time just is against us.

I ended up rambling so far off of the original topic and into what other threads are talking about but it is what it is. I’ll likely be slowing down significantly, as Artist was my thread to hold out for and my target goal. At this point there’s zero reason to save and hold and there’s a strong chance I’ll fade out of the game alongside many others that are quitting for their own reasons, whether that be due to waiting for brel and finishing an already nerfed into the ground raid or their class has gone so hopelessly far away that it’s not even worth playing or even because they’re just sick of being spit on by a company that clearly doesn’t care.

AGS won’t respond to any thread about the Roadmap until after the Holidays, they’ve posted their piece left the office and will come back after we all go at each others throats and beat the living hell out of each other over whether there should or shouldn’t be censorship, how the game should’ve been handled or what the best time to release X class or X raid would’ve been. They don’t care. As long as their player numbers are up you’re just another digit to them. SG doesn’t care AGS doesn’t care the streamers don’t care they aren’t your friend its simply business.

they actually don’t care and we already learned that our feedback is set as spam on their mails.

why when they can do that and prey on whales a little more
You just don’t have any of that business intelligence.