Stop saying CET when you mean CEST

To who writes the maintenance posts, you are referring wrong to the timezones we are currently in EU. CET is always UTC+1 and when many countries shift to summer daylight saving time the countries have CEST timezone (UTC +2). It’s not that CET shifts to +2.

So if the maintenance is at 7UTC you must say also 9 CEST not 9 CET, indeed some countries still have CET timezone and there at 7UTC is 8CET not 9.


THIS, has been bothering me for the start. I can’t say why… but I can’t stand the clock in game givinig the wrong time. It irks me to so so much.
Does noone in the compnay understand how time and clocks work?

Finally somebody made a post about it!!! Yeah, i hope they will fix it from now, it’s really tricky for players who live in CEST and see only CET, but in real it’s CEST

we living in complicated times

For me, the clock ingame is correct, tho I do agree. It should be a setting ingame that let’s you pick the timezone you are in. It was most likely not an issue in Korea, so the setting was never implemented.

Correct, they did not have to mess with different time zones, so have to programme it in which, either they are not capable to do or is very low on priority list, or both.

@Voronoi @ZippyStar @Biotechnic @TahSquid @Kaavid thank you for making a post about this! i will passing this info along to the team. while i can not promise it will be changed, i can promise to pass this info along.