Stop setting limits on gold!

So, in order for you to think you make more money, you limit your actual costumers… Now i bought gold, which i cant use, because you want to limit bots… So you just limited me, making me not want to buy gold.

Please tell me how this solved your problem of making money? this is not how you make money, by cutting your customers short. I could have been a whale, i liked the game, i spent money, because i make money. Now however i will stop, and no amount of free gamers will make up for the money i spent on the few months i thought it was worth it.

bots arent stealing your profit, you are, by implementing strange and unsound limits on things. Yes im aware that botters stole credit cards, but thats a crime, and you are not the police, you are a service company, and as such you should provide a service, which you dont. You are making me pay, to stand in queue, and frankly i have better things to do than pay someone to not get what i payed for. So bye bye. and ffs, go read a manual on how to create successful returning customer base.


ya hire someone for the bots please, this stuff isnt working as evident by the massive amount of bots everywhere in game and it only hurts players experience

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It’s 3 days it’s not that bad. But for future cases buy the gold so you have it on hand when you want to buy something then there is no wait because you were prepared!

no lol, work with card holder services and hire people to enforce your rules in your game and let me have my purchase when I want it obviously lol, you don’t think that’s a better option?

honestly the 3 day wait is no big deal at all what is the difference if you get your item on monday or thursaday?

the big deal is the security of their game is not my problem…it is their job to secure their purchases not the players…and when I buy something today I want it today, I don’t want it Monday or Thursday I want it when I bought it obviously, as made apparent by the hundreds of posts about this its a pretty big issue. why defend it?

you joined the game and agreed to their TOS so it’s not about what you want it’s about what you agreed to! Their game their rules no one is forcing you to play the game!

there is nothing about a 3 day hold in the tos wtf are you talking about? their game their rules their job to enforce them and secure their purchases. not the players job. get out of here lmao

No one is keeping you here if you aren’t happy with how they run their game you don’t have to log in!

nobody is saying anything about that we are talking about gold holds…im going to go ahead and block now lol, I dont think a conversation with you would go anywhere…

Exactly you just don’t get basic concepts so it won’t be going anywhere.

what experience did I make worse by wanting the gold limit gone? I haven’t been toxic in the slightest. are you okay? lol. I kindly decline your request I will keep playing and posting. hopefully with some gm’s hired instead of the measures being passed onto the players


This is an absurd statement; this game runs off of impulse. All F2P games thrive off of players impulses.

Today, I am going to hone, oh no wait I have to wait 3 days, today I am going to main swap, oh no wait I need to wait 3 days. I think I want to switch builds on my class this weekend, oh no wait I didn’t buy gold 3 days in advance of this thought.

Regardless of what you or I think about planning and such, it is common sense in business that your customers are not impacted by your companies controls and policies. These matters should be handled on the backend and the customers should not be impacted. Thus far they have implemented multiple controls that directly impact their customers and customer experience which is a huge failure on their end.

White Knighting this silly. They need to implement backend procedures and controls that do not effect the playerbase period. The ownership of this matter is AGS’s NOT the customer.

People are so ignorant towards how company should manage their games. You think 3 days lock on gold is useful to reduce bots? You think having a cooldown after buying any item from the market or AH useful for bot problems? I can tell you this, they aren’t helpful at all in terms of bots. Botters still manage to go through those two things it’s not a big problem. If AGS thinks these solution actually killed lots of botters, they are totally wrong. Bots in Lost Ark has decreased significantly NOT from AGS’s work, it’s just so many users have already quit and botters realize it’s not making them enough profit to keep doing it. I bet you that the game was more fun and crowded for the best of contents (t1/t2 area + any Isles that needs many people to clear) and that is why new players comes to try out Lost Ark and quits in no time since the game isn’t friendly at all to them and can’t even proceed lots of contents. And this is not only for the new players, even whales, players who played since launch gets affected so badly that the game is sinking to the ground. Imagine getting so attached to Lost Ark so one ends up spending quite real money and to realize that their shit aint worth anything after all and AGS does not even help us at all. Go look at how Smilegates manages Lost Ark in terms of customer service, how they communicate with their users, and find a better solution for everyone. I know how KR server requires you to have Korean SSN to sign up but that’s not the case. They still have tons of bots and Chinese go ham for KR server. Why? it’s cuz it makes them good ass profit even if they have strict set ups and shit. All I can say is that AGS ruined New World + Lost Ark so quick that noone has trust in them including myself

3 days it’s hard. Let’s say that you found an accesorie in the AH that it’s BIS for you and you really need it, but you don’t have enough gold to buy it, you swipe for gold but you can’t use that gold to buy the accesorie so you end up missing that buy. 3 days restrictions for the gold sucks, maybe not for whales but for little spenders that might buy 10€ of gold to swipe fast and get an accesorie for example

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For sure. Not only for accessories but for any new players who wants to progress faster so they end up spending their money to only realize that they can’t spend for the next 3 days. BRO WE LIVE IN THE WORLD WHERE YOU ORDER SMTH FROM AMAZON AND GETS SHIPPED WITHIN A DAY. THIS GAME IS BROKEN

The 3-day limit is not only for bots, people also pull their money back and expect their gold. royals to stay. One guy even made a thread about how they stole from him because he pulled money back and they got their royal crystals back. SHOCK.
Now my take on it as a customer, I do not mind it. Not the first game that has it anyway and it does not affect the market much for the person donating.

to all that bullshit you said I am just going to add that they grew into a corporation with millions of returning customers. You are just whining on the forums about how your 50 euros are being held up for 3 days for security reasons. I wonder if you attack the security on airports when they separate your back for security checkup and they delay you for 30 minutes?

I call Bullshit. New World has been rising in numbers as far as I was told and Lost Ark is still blooming in most regions. People are just being ignorant towards the world and want to be smart on forums.
TO add some more the 3 day hold limit is a security strategy not only for bots, but for people that want to use the cashback function from their bank/ PayPal. The cooldown from buying is actually protecting YOU. As now bots cannot insta buy stuff, so you have a chance.

but any account that does this is banned until they go through support. Anyway i understand why they put the hold there but for someone like me who swipes and has used the same payment method reliably for a long time i and many others like me should get a pass as its a trusted payment method that hasnt had any chargebacks and if there is a chargeback the account is banned anyway

Yeah what a horrible idea it is to be prepared for something that could possibly happen in the future. I mean why would anyone try to use some real life tactics in a video game LOL