Stop this, please?

Freeze few seconds when you visit any new zone, leave any dungeon or log in the game. It takes 3-4 mins to start the game. Is this joke, right? Anti-cheat check every time you do? Something is wrong with Lost Ark, no matter if you have SSD or not so it is all about what SG/AGS have done to this game because of bots.

If it has to do with anti-chest then you are causing this issue, not bots.You hurt players more and more every day, it makes much less enjoy to play. I give up soon and it is NOT fun anymore. Bots have won and you make it worse! From release day was 1000000000 times better than today!

Hi there, @Malicone.

I’m sorry to hear the experience you had with the game.

I’ve moved this to the feedback section as it is the best place and gives the right visibility for the devs to look into this for you.

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