Stop using the "Please release Artist for more supports" argument if you don't actually plan to play or care about the class

Seems like the more threads I read, the more I’m starting to think that people just want Artist to come out because they want more supports, not because they want to play the class, and because they “think” that’s what the game needs. Reasons why I think this argument is stupid is because people will play whatever they want regardless. Releasing her will not increase support players that drastically, and on top of that, classes can eventually die out. People also switch mains, and Artist numbers are not that high in KR. How are we so sure that releasing Artist will hugely impact the amount of supports in the way we want or expect? It just seems people want more supports just for the sake of having supports for their little parties and not actually wanting to play the class or care about it. You have others who are waiting on their mains, classes that they have waited longer for and actually want to play, that are older and more reasonable to release first based on kr releases. There might be people who want Artist because they genuinely want to play her and find her fun, which is fine, but I believe the rest majority just like to whiteknight and want more supports without actual good reasons and nothing more. Again, stop asking for more supports if you have no intention of playing the class or making one.


Release Artist please.


I care about the Artist… she will be my co’main… or second main if you wish.
I wanted the Artist to be my main, but I will be waiting a long time. So, I had to choose another to be main, and with all the time/money I have invested with her, I will not waste it…

So… I will have 2 mains when the Artist arrives.


If you understood how the game worked, you’d understand that it doesn’t matter if people “make” a support. No one outside of small statics, groups of friends, the few support mains out there will hone to endgame. Even if everyone agreed to make a support today, most supports will just be stuck at 1370-1415. Drought will still remain as more raids released and will have to simp for support mains or pay them to join your group.


Artist is coming last anyway, as per Roxx, so whats the point in making posts about it?

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Don’t add more threads to the pile or it just becomes another pro-artist toxicity cesspool.

Don’t create one massive block of text as your opening because no one will read it.

This is why every single one of these artist threads are pro-artist spam sessions.

Release the draken… i mean artist.
You probably don’t understand artist crowd just having fun asking for her because it piss the dps crowd (scouter, summoner, arcana) off greatly.
More you pissed off, ask them to stop more thread they create.

I’m waiting for artist as well, it’s better for me if they release her sooner.

They ask for what the fk they want, if you want something no one stop you from create a thread. We are out for ourself, do the same for yourself.

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I think it’s absolutely possible that you can simultaneously want more supports and Artist.

Yes. Toxic degeneracy dominates the internet. Creating more threads about it only enables them.

Yeah, it gets to the point where it completely disrupts the environment of the forums though when one topic unnecessarily dominates the forum for no reason other than a pile of kids wanting to screech as loudly as they can. That’s not discourse, that’s disruption.


Except when it goes against community guidelines, like your attitude and the way you wrote your post seems to indicate.

If this were true, the CM’s would have bombed every recent thread that didn’t descend into pure chaos because of people attempting to dismantle other’s want for a class.

If the CM’s allow it, it is ok.

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You have the option not to join those threads. Because those who afraid their class got push back arguing so those thread got pull up.
Or maybe Artist crowd are the majority and desverve attention while you are the minority got pissed because your issue is irrelavent.

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Sure, :rofl:. I’m waiting for CM to deletr Artist threads.

Your crowing for the Artist is what is irrelevant here.

You’re NOT getting it soon, deal with it and move on.

Quit being an ass on the forums as well. Its better to use a friendly tone. Gets you more favorable attention.

I play Artist, release her pls.

Sure Sarc, she will be released.


Who are you to say?

Yes, i’m dealing with it. I inhale copium everyday, like two tanks of it.

I didn’t ask Artist to be released, i don’t know what is this un-“friendly tone” you are talking about, most of the Artist threads started pretty friendly. I certainly not want any “attention” because i’m not asking for shit.

What pissed you off like this?

When they are spammed, it still disrupts the forum. It’s similar to a bunch of bots in the game. Yeah you can still do the chaos dungeon by yourself, but it doesnt’ change the fact that tons of bots continue to run around there.

No, its a pile of toxicity that screams really loud in hopes that they can create the illusion of being a majority. That’s the entire point of the thread spam and forum disruption.

Again, who are you to say? CM seem fine with it. So… your opinion is irrelevant. Sure keep asking them to stop, i’m sure they will :rofl:.

Maybe tag CMs into this thread, express your concern, ask them to remove “spam”.

That’s why i said they should release more content quickly, overgeared drinks pots and elitists don’t need supps.