Why is content being nerfed after 3 weeks? I do not want to play a game that is dumb downed in my region compared to other regions. I am essentially a casual player getting in 1-3 hours a day during the work week and about 10-12 on the weekends and I have not had a single issue with the difficulty and have eventually successfully completed each of these dungeons and guardians.

I simply watch a 3-4 minute video on the fight, then I enter the content, then we try and try again until it is complete. The only people who want these nerfs are people who have zero intention of learning anything about the game and would like to stand in one spot and dps the boss and they want a dps meter so they know how good at standing they are.

If players can not cope with these simple fights then the game is not for them and they will end up leaving later anyways. I have done every T1 and T2 Chaos Dungeon successfully with matchmaking, granted having to disband a few groups due to having these people who refuse to learn the game.

These nerfs and future nerfs will 100% run me away from the game with the best case scenario being I learn some Korean and VPN to their region…

I want a community that comes together and overcomes challenges and not a community that cries for nerfs


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It’s not a nerf.

Regardless, I’d rather they focus on cleaning out this botting issue before the economy is ruined beyond repair. This reversion feels like a distraction from the main issue in the game right now which is artificial inflation.