Store Not working?

I am on Zinnervale and have been trying to access the store all day, yet keep getting the store is unavailable or busy, and then a few minutes later it will randomly appear, is this a known issue and when will this be fixed?


Not only that the shop isn’t working, also the Crystalin Aura has gone incl. that one from the founders pack which contained a 30 day ones redeemed on 2/08/22.

Added later another one as a reward from a quest if I am right which added me 6 days I assumed so 3/08/22 to 3/14/22 and after the real launch there was this 3 day aura which I added to which results in 3/17/22 but it’s gone so no pet functions, triport fee and so on.

Assuming that’s connected to the Shop it is no wonder why it isn’t active which must be changed! When activated it must be stored in the database for the client and not connected with the unavailable store!

For this stupidity I request another Crystal Aura as refund for this epic fail!

EDIT 2: Even my Crystals are gone and since the shop is down or corrupted also these premium gems are maybe gon to … so bey bey 7k of premium crystals -.- … I smell a refund ticket just right now!

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My store is also down in Zinnervale . I cant reclaim my paper hat from twitch drop and the 3 day crystalline aura compensation. And on top of that my crystalline aura is gone!


Thanks, we are aware of and investigating the issues in this thread


Just want to echo that shop isn’t working and crystalline aura de-activated for me as well. On NA East Aldebaran.

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Same issu here, i cant activate my pack ingame and the store isn’t accessible ‘’ under maintenance’’

Shop not working and Crystalline Aura ingame is also not active, in login screen it’s still displayed as active, Server Asta.

NA-East: Aldebaran

The store has been “down for maintenance” since launch. No one has been able to access it, or receive items. It’s been over 24 hours, and is now late Saturday night. Should we expect that this will continue to be the case until Monday at the earliest?

same here in Brelshaza

Just chiming in. Cash Shop not working (Zinnervale). Money burning in my pocket. Jeff needs moar boats.

Sidenote: Fantastic game, just had to say it. People stuck in Q - gitgud.

Both the Store and the Account item claim menu has not been working for a good while now. My aura was gone after maintenance and then came back after a little while.

EU Wei
Store not working fir me at all after spending money to get a skin. Always ‘under maintanance’. Also shows me that i dont have any crystalls left even tho i did cuz i topped it up recently. Cannot claim twitch drops or any packs etc. My boyfriend is on the same server and his store works just fine. Totally weird. We are even on the same wifi if that makes any dofference and we log in at the same time.

Same problem on Kadan.

Same on Belzhara . No Store , No Aura , No Pet Benefits.

Same on Zinnervale, store is not working for last 12 hours for me.

Bump, still not working

Same on Zinnervale, no twitch drop, no prime loot, no market, since launch

Store not working for me on Zinnervale EU, character Qwope
Han not poppued up since yesterday

This is my experience on Aldebaran

same with me in Neria server