Story Event not available

I have a character, lvl 50, that I can not “enroll” in the Story Event. The Selection slot says “Unable to Participate” and the tooltip for it says that the requirement is “Quest”. However, the character(my only character) I want to enroll has “On the Border” as a completed quest.

Why is this in bug feedback?

You cant do the story express cause you went past the point in which you can select it on a character.

It can only be applied to a fresh character and then you need to play through the whole story

Ok, but the use of a “fresh character” is not anywhere on the event entrance page, nor do I recall seeing it as a requirement at any point.

"Any character that has not yet completed the ‘On the Border’ quest from Rethamis can become a designated Story Express character. "

That’s not what it says in game. Further, in Event Information, the description is cut off and ends with “the”