Story expres event rewards

Are these all reward for story express? For sure nothing more? Dont wana be negative, but doing all these quest is kinda big deal, so wana know for sure.

This, and you will have a 1302 alt :smiley:

Plus you skip all the lower tier honing as you get rewarded pre honed gear to get to the next part of the story

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yes as you get from the start up to 1340

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It’s for new players. If you already have a roster it’s not worth doing.

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The value of the rewards is subjective.

Personally i want the rewards for the rapports,sailing coins, aura and the stronghold currency as i still need a few maps for horizontals.

Shift + G also saves a lot of time imo. Instantly completing dialogue lets you move on faster with it and you dont have to stop to do chaos dungeons or hone either. You always keep moving.

its optional want to do it or not. just Shift G

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It’s to help new players to get to 1340, and it’s basically slower version of power pass.
I would say whole story express is pretty nice.

But hey, you would give some people 1460 for free and they still won’t be satisfied.

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Shift + G

Omg my life was a hoax until now, why can’t they just have a pop up with this! I just spammed not knowing salvation exists.

The reward is a shit show but i can get 30 packs of cards. At this point Im desperate, I will do whatever for one pack. Would be nice if there is one legend pack even random one

That isn’t all the rewards, you get some everytime you finish a story part:

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People need to understand that this is meant for new players, they get to do the story all the way up to T3 where they can hone a bit and get their express event as well

It actually shows up next to G xD


[if u have already done the quests n such on other chars]


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