Story Express, honing passed continents

no, whenever you skip the story its locked forever in the express (like with a powerpass)

well u have to do it or be a test subject and tell us. :joy:

Got any picture evidence to back up this point?

Oh, young padawan, i did the story full on 26 chars, after which i delete 16 of them (didnt like them past SV and just wanted the achievement).

Besides, doing the story is actually kinda fun.

I feel for you

If you use hyper express before finishing story express you won’t get story express final rewards.

completing N vern story will give you full 420 gear + 100 quality legendary t1 accessories. (gear rewards are always same GS as then next zone you’ll level in). In my case with Artist I got mix of swiftness & crit. You can’t skip anything you must follow the flow like in the story express chart in that order.

Ok thank you this was the answer I was looking for thanks alot

Oh I did it on KR, started the express, leveled up to lvl 30, freaked out and bought a north vern powerpass, then everything up to there (besides what I actually completed) was locked. It took me a while to realize we get honed gear since I didn’t get it on North Vern… I could try to login into KR, but idk if I can anymore

Actually i like the story and it;s fun making it with dif chars.
Right now i hope we get a Sacria story where i can go on a rampage and slaughter mayhem.

Using a powerpass, and manually honing your gear, and doing the continents out of order, are two completely different situations.
Yes they said using a powerpass will lock you out of rewards, The op was asking about honing their gear, and just going from say ex: Anikka to Punika, or Rohendel to Punika ect. They weren’t asking if you get locked out for using a powerpass.

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oooog I see, my bad. Skipping I meant knowledge transfer or powerpass…

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