Story Express only give free win for bot = Exploit boss rush cuz free ticket

as always AGS can’t anticipated something before they execute the event… giving story express that you only need to clear story take you from T1,T2,T3 (cuz it give free armor that already got max upgrade) and after you spent prob 4 hours your time you will get into punika final reward will give you 3 bossrush ticket… they 100% abuse that right now u guys will see bot everywhere in bossrush, did you guys not thiking about what will happen if you give those ticket.? why don’t you give event gem like before.? @Roxx @Shadow_Fox the bot can do auto story get the ticket got gem and sell the gem.

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lol no wonder they all going to bossrush @Shadow_Fox @Roxx

So when ags makes changes that potentially hurt new players along with bots you scream and cry they are affecting real players. When ags makes changes that can help real players along with bots you scream and cry that they are helping bots. No wonder why they never listen to the community because even they dont know what they want


So what you are saying is players, especially new players should not get good things because of bots? Yet people cry when bot measures impact real players… People need to make up their mind…

Why every time I see a post about game decisions the anger is towards AGS… they are simply the publishers… remember…? Smilegate on the other hand proves each time that they don’t really care.

Every single Boss rush I encounter at least one bot the past week. like… Good Job Smilegae you opened the fooldgates for gold to loose value. Sorc level 1 gems at 10g each already. GOLF CLAP.

So, we should keep punishing existing/new players?
Don’t release anything anymore since any new patch could help bots.

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You are loosing time posting here. we need you at NASA to help with the MARS program.

I’m actually posting this from NASA, im on an important mission saving people on Mars, but its not as important as replying to you

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no wonder a lot of bot selling gem and the price goes down… they seems provide all the bot for keeping RMT to this game, ez to 1415 mean more gold from weekly chest @Roxx @Shadow_Fox

No wonder there are so many bots in bossrush, no wonder the price of gems is getting lower

Man post like this makes me cringe hard, imagine genuienly being mad at 3 boss rush tickets. What you are mad at is that you personaly will not complete the story express for XYZ reason of yours, and you’re mad at that simple fact. But of course it’s easier to put it on the back of bots. Otherwise you would have nothing to wrote here today.