Story skip with knowledge transfer

This tip assumes you have taken at least 1 character manually through the story if you haven’t do not use this method and do the story

Tip to story skip any class for 600g

  • Do the main quest till song of escape use this in your inventory
  • Use the song of Hearth and Home
  • Vern knowledge transfer - 600g (wait for the 8hours)
  • Hone over the ilvl cap of Shushire and Rohendel (600)
  • Sail to Yorn do quest (unlock chaos for gear)
  • Hone over Fenton requirement (1100)
  • Sail to Punika do quest

Sail to do Quest at yorn/punika means if you have for example purple quests for Rohendel and Yorn you ignore the Rohendel quest and go straight to Yorn

you can also straight hone through Yorn and Fenton but will require you to buy gear and have resources saved

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Happy gaming