Strange Mail (Bug quest)

Sorry for my english but i’m italian.

I’m in European server called Neria.

Today i try to complete a quest, it need a song called song of reminescence, i search on google and i need to do a quest called (Strange Mail), the mail NPC on Rothun don’t have the purple ! on his head, if i check on quest book it says i already completed this quest, but it’s not the true because completing this quest you unlock (a new power awakened destiny) and after completing this you unlock (lost footsteps) this last quest give you the song of reminescence, it say i completed this quest but i don’t have the song and i never do this quest, it’s surely a bug or something else.

I’m stuck on this mission and i can’t go forward.

Same for me as well, I see all 3 quests are completed but there is no song (NA/east)