Strategic Failure report

Hi everyone, someone people don’t know how to check their amount of honning fails.
Go to Achievement - character - items - strategic failure
My one as of today is:
GS 1405
No Alts, f2p
Drums - 192 fails.

Your turn

Gear scores: 1400, 1365, 1340, 1340
Not F2P but don’t buy honing materials
356 fails

I hitted 500 fails before GS1370.
Unfortunatly it counts nothing more then 500 fails.
I´m at about 600-700 fails with GS1402.
Maybe 50 fails on alts.

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1400, 1385, 1370 and 3x 1340 with two more alts in T2.
440 / 500 progress on Strategic Failure. Mostly F2P unless you count buying cosmetics P2W.

I find posts like this to be the pinnacle of toxicity. It checks all the boxes.

:ballot_box_with_check: “F2P btw”
:ballot_box_with_check: No Alts
:ballot_box_with_check: High Gearscore
:ballot_box_with_check: Making a completely new thread to gloat
:ballot_box_with_check: Knowing this is a completely luck based game with luck based progression
:ballot_box_with_check: Not actually showing anything :joy:

It’s not an accomplishment, it’s lording luck based progression over people who did not have the luck for that progression.

It’s things like this that start to creep over the core of the gameplay itself. It gets to the point where the game might not be good enough to outweigh this glaring flaw. And posts like this put underline this problem and add exclamation point to it.


1455 main 1395 alt 1378 alt

Well over 500 fails, probably 600+ at this point but the achievements dont show past 500

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1430 - main

Strategic Failure = unlocked! :smiley:

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Better to delete since you say sht yeah lmao

Post like this would be better if you actually take a screenshot of your fails from the actual achievement

Thank you very much for contributing for this topic. You got my attention. :clap::clap:

Ok, I will keep that in mind. I just noticed your message was to someone else I have marked to “ignore” :joy:.

1460 f2p btw only bought 900$ crystals Founder pack, pass. F2p btw
No Alts to, F2p btw. AND i play only 5 min a day as f2p.


i can’t check as there’s a maintenance…

A friend of mine is in the same boat as you, coming from another MMO that honning is even a bigger gamble as they don’t have the pitty system I feel your pain. Good luck :crossed_fingers:

no, it doesn’t track. It remains at 500/500 once finished. 1430 btw.

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Just hit 500 fails and got main 1416 and alts 1375,1372,1370,1333,820,420
Edit forgot my deadeye at 1060

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Hit 500 fails over a month ago.

At what gs?

Got my Rusty title yesterday. Someone from my guild beat me by 2 days, but you can’t always be first.

357/500 failures (1410/1340/1328/1325/1063/600/500)

No swipe (except 10$ each month for aura)

Game time 615 but many hours are from steam not seeing that the game is closed :slight_smile:
I would say 560-580 hours

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