Strategic Failure report

1x 1385
2x 1373
8x 1340
2x 1040

Counter stopped working at 500, hit that 2 weeks ago.

That hurts. Did you tap your alts before your main was 1385 with the stronghold research?

Nope. Main to 1385 and then alts up. My main had 100 failures before he even hit T3. This is why I am quitting. Honing in this game is a joke. You either get lucky or get left behind. The whole game is designed around forcing you to use RMT. So you either buy from the source or you buy from the bots at 1/10th the price. Hard work is not rewarded, only credit cards and botting are.

There was another post that was way more popular than this when I was at 1090 at 92 failures, but they deleted it because it gave them too much bad publicity. It had like 20k views and 1.5k responses.

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I am sorry you feel like leaving the game, but I can’t blame you. You are the worst cenario I have came across in Lost ark. Compared with other rng mmos that is nothing though.
How are you doing your upgrades? 1 item at the time? Don’t do more that 1 at the time.

I hit 500/500 with 1406, 1408, 1370, 840,840, 560.
now im 1415/1415/1371

I usually hone once a week after stacking mats. So I just go down the list do one, if it fails, do another, until I hit the bottom and start at the top again. This is unless I am trying to push into a new bracket, then I focus one piece over others.

I always end with everything being upgraded and nothing left needing an upgrade. So technically it is the same.

Please don’t take offence from me suggesting to just do 1 piece at the time, that way you save mats and the pitty system kicks in. Would try this way?

1 1402
6 1340

Yeah I’m that unlucky.

I am not offended at all. I understand what you are saying, but it works the same in the long run. The only problem doing it my way is if you don’t get your hone, and stuck with a half done piece. I always finish up my hones before I move on to the next rank. I also manage my materials to ensure I do not run out of honing materials before all of the pieces I have started have been upgraded.

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This is literally mathematically impossible. The question is: why are you lying?

Im curious to know


Thsts not bad tho

It isn’t mathematically impossible. You can pity every piece and be WAY over that.

I’ve got the achievement almost 1 month ago and lost track. Probably at 800 already

Just hit 250 with a 1397. One alt at 1345, nobody else in T3 (so fails are pretty negligible there).

I don’t buy for a second that anyone is getting 500+ fails with no alts. You can’t even get that many resources without an alt ecosystem.

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Hit it last month.

1438, 1385, 1370, 1340, 1340, 1310. 397 fails

its not just about luck but also how you hone

Bro it is all luck past getting the break points on strongholds. The only “Boost” you can get is if you max out your extra on the first hone to get the 1.00% chance difference on the second hone.


5 fails in T1 weapon if you pity everything with safety materials.
25 fails in T1 armor if you pity everything with safety materials.
5 fails in T2 weapon if you pity everything with safety materials.
25 fails in T2 armor if you pity everything with safety materials.
31 fails in T3 weapon 1302-1370 if you pity everything with safety materials.
155 fails in T3 armor 1302-1370 if you pity everything with safety materials.
22 fails in T3 weapon 1370-1400 if you pity everything with safety materials.
110 fails in T3 armor 1370-1400 if you pity everything with safety materials.

378 safety fails includes failing every single 90% and 99% chance :joy:

Now people usually aren’t able to heavily sink safety materials like this because it isn’t as cost efficient as it sounds.

29 fails + 145 fails = 174 fails T1 + 174 fails T2 = 348 fails before reaching T3 without any safety materials.

71 fails + 355 fails = 426 fails T3 1302-1370 weapon without any safety materials (Total 774 to 1370)

426 more fails T3 1370 - 1415

So exactly 1200 fails if you missed every roll from making a new character to 1415 if you used zero safety materials and also if you missed every single ridiculous roll such as 99%, 90%, 96%, 88%, 80% etc.

But yeah the guy saying he had 600-700 fails before 1402 is actually still lying. Just because its possible to be struck by lightning while being robbed before a flash flood in the sahara happens, doesn’t mean it did. :joy:


You can apply that same logic to someone 1 tapping 18->20 in t3, yet we see clips all the time. I am not saying it isn’t a reach, but 600 fails out of a potential 1200 isn’t that hard of a reach. I will however give you a kudos on that math!

1 in 13,333 chance.

To achieve even 600 fails before T3 1415 is a chance in the hundreds of millions.

The 1200 fails to 1415 is something so unlikely, it is the equivalent to randomly drawing a royal flush in poker…Seven Trillion times in a row.