(Straw poll) How do you feel about all remaining classes releasing at the same time?

Created a poll with multiple options to see how people feel about class releases.

As more and more content releases it’s going to get harder and harder for people to switch their mains when the rest of the classes release.

Classes are not content in the same way that dungeons, raids, quests, etc are.

They are the vehicles we experience the game and it’s content through.

Realistically they won’t release them all at once. I think 2 per month would be good


This, all in one-go is probably not in the cards, but two at a time could work more. I have no interest in the LM or Destro, was looking forward to the Arcana they had originally announced in the roadmap.

Make another great poll: How do you feel if AGS gave everyone all avatars, pets and mounts for free and additional 1 mil gold as thank you gift…

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I’d probably ask for 2 mil gold :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: