Strawpoll about switching to EUW

Came across this poll on a thread and have decided to post it here to get a more accurate representation of actual numbers. Would be nice to have an approx % of the population that are moving. I’m amazed that this wasn’t conducted officially by AGS before they committed to the new region.

The disadventages are to big. The new server region is not the solution without transfers.

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Not everyone needs to switch I’m off to EU West

I currently re-rolled on NA servers so I can have a play around with different classes and get a feel for them.
I’ll probably re-roll on EU just for the improved ping, would be good if they could language tag the new servers to stop the toxic chat we are seeing on Central EU

I will most likely switch to an EU West server.

This might only change if the current queue on my server disappears before I can switch. Then I would have no reason to switch.

The servers that I played on until now did have no or only a small queue until yesterday evening anyway. But the queue is growing it seems.

Since we will get at least some of the founder stuff, I don’t mind.

I just hope they will fire up the new servers before the weekend.

I lol‘d so friggin hard when I saw this. Exactly what the com is telling them. :smiling_face_with_tear:

I levelled to 50 on Kadan but due to other commitments during the week I can’t sit in these queues so personally for me I will start again on the new region.