Strawpoll - What skins would you like to see ingame?

I think AGS would like to have a small reminder what type of skins we want to have and which ones we don’t want to have.
Here is a small Strawpoll:


I would love to see heavy armor for my Artillerist :/.

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added heavy armor stuff to Poll

Is there a , literally anything other than what has been offered

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gucci bruh

good point :D:D
gonna add it as well

Check this. Mage outfits are amazing. Others too.

I feel like Lingerie and Sexy stuff shouldn’t be separate? I kinda think they could be combined. I mean I’d probably vote for both, which is not possible I guess

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some ppl perfer lingerie or want heavy armor. Others don’t care if its lingerie, swimwear, heavy armor,… as long as its “sexy-stuff” :wink:

I perfer a good looking dress for my bard. Doesn’t matter if sexy, badass or just cool looking as long as it looks good :smiley: - Game is really lacking “options” to individualize your character atm.

I mean I agree, I just said it because it’ll skew the results, since people who want lingerie most likely want sexy skins too, and since it’s the choice to have more responses most likely they will vote for that (myself included), so the other option seems kinda pointless since sexy absolutely includes lingerie skins in my opinon.

This is 3 years old lol and all we have is few garbage skins

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Yes, it is.

i want coloumbia/nike cross over

aside from that sell me sex

All of them!

i just want to have the option to choose from all the skins that’s available to everyone else
not really asking for more, i just want to feel like the dollars i am spending can buy the same things as the dollars others are spending in different regions

lots of stuff im looking forward to. Seasonal Skins, the Military Operator outfits, Stylish Summer Clothing, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Casual Outfits for each Season like Winter Sweaters etc., Heavy Armor…Even the Swimsuits and the lingere ones look good. I really just want my dresser to be full with variation and make it possible to mix and match if i want to.

the range of what fits “sexy skins” for my taste is much larger - i know what is meant with it in the poll, but the most sexy skins imo are those that make sense too. naked skin isnt that important - unless the whole package is good. i personally find the neon genesis female skins much sexier than straight up underwear skins for instance.

exactly. And I guess most ppl agree, that Omen or the new ones don’t fit in that category very well.

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