"Streamer privlages" should count as RMT and be against ToS

if it were a scientist, inventor or even an entrepreneur I would understand
But a streamer? LOL

But hey, who I am to judge people, right.
I get it.
But I still agree with OP point of reference.

Amazon code of conduct

3. Play fair

Do: play within the rules of the game.

Do not: exploit bugs or other unintended uses of game features.

Do not cheat, bot, hack, or use other software or services that give you an unfair advantage through, for example, unattended gameplay or game modifications.

Do not engage in real-money trading of in-game items and in-game currencies.

We reserve the right to determine what constitutes unfair play and to take corrective action we deem appropriate.

The last line is what speaks in volumes when it is a CM that stated the comment.

Giving gifts doesnt violate any of those rules.

So if i give my wife a ton of materials for enhancing i should get banned? Lol

Well by that you are still playing 1 person 1 account, you have yours, she has hers.

For some reason it becomes an issue if you play 2 separate accounts.

Again. There is nothing in the terms of service against using two accounts. Not only that but it would be impossible to enforce without saying only one person per household is allowed to play lost ark which would be absurd lol

There’s the MoD, CM posts from the topic posted asking about it.
As said the line in the code of conduct,

is where it falls into on this regard. Is there a real way for them to prove its 1 person playing 2 and funneling, no. However it was deemed giving someone an unfair advantage. Much like getting gifts is. Both I think should be acceptable practices.

Looking for ironclad answers in a ToS is a fruitless errand, they always will leave themselves an out to have the final say.

were you living in the jungle for last 10 years? like any other older medium be it tv shows, movies music or music videos…streamers and video content creators are slowly getting to that level of fame and wealth and it expands its audience since its a interactive, parasocial experience as well

Wait i’m missing the context here. Did something happen to a streamer?

So you’re just jealous you arent getting free shit because if you were you wouldnt of been offended enough to post this.

alot of material and gold donations happen to streamers…and alot of jealousy and bitternes happened to the you guessed it - jealous and bitter people

Lol I misread the title I guess. I thought something happened. I read “should” as “shouldn’t”.

Yeah content creators don’t really impact online games outside of the number of people they bring into the game with them though. I guess there’s always a spicy take when it comes to what someone considers “unfair” or “game breaking” though.

its especially absurd to be mad about that in a pay 2 win game like this where any rich(ish) person can just whale to the exactly same result

Yeah, if you want an equal playing field then P2P is the way to go. Even that’s become less so with the introduction of cash shops. Ah the drama of the “haves” and the “have nots” lol.

and its such level of bitterness its basically just a witch hunt and thats the lowest of the low…without any proof condemning viewers of a certain streamer they they “100% rmt and then send them those resources” …crazy

Just so you know, people is free to do with their money what they want and I am also free to criticise it since they stream it publicy.

I don’t find it fair that they get those amounts of gold without any consequence as some of them give special privileges in their channels for people sending them gold, everybody knows that.

Criticising that or being against it doesn´t mean we envy the streamers, I can ensure you, I am past 1415, in any case it would be the opossite.

I recommend you to find yourself good arguments because the envy stuff is very childish.

And I truly don’t care about the streamers, my opinion is clear as I´ve wrote before, they do more harm than good and Amazon / Lost Ark should really take their time to check the things they do when they stream the game because some of the things they do don’t benefit the game at all and give most players a false idea of what the game and its systems are.

i get it…you are 1415 and they are 1490…all good bro

So when I see in the party finder. “Carries for subs” for a twitch streamer. I’m not supposed to assume this is RMT and is not bannable? How the fk is that not against TOS?

The rules you’re asking for are dumb. You want to restrict trade for some users because other users want to trade them things.

It also points to the problem. Use Twitch audience to absorve benefits is unfair.

Haven´t seen any streamer at 1490 yet