Streamers ,Yts and disinformation

Hello everyone I note big problem with streamers and YouTubers who jump hypetrain for a Lost Ark and they doing more harm to the game then actually helping it by spreading disinformation about the content class ,tier list what class is top and what class is bad and they not evan understand the core are of the game .never even see andgame contents how thinks works ect how u Fels about it .am not seying all just some who just wonna make profit from view


this is something completely normal. Its called clickbait and is just for numbers.
You cant do a thing against it except for downvote and comment xD
Ignore it. Players will get a hang of the right sources for informations.

This is just another non-issue.

Just ignore those. Enjoy game on your own. Play it at your own pace. Donth bother with all those clickbait videos they do just to get views.

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Its nothing new. Every Game have these "Hype Streamer " and “HYpe Youtuber” - but dont worry, they dont stay long enough to be harmful to the game especially cause they are enough valid informations out there :wink: