Striker as a main?

In my life I have been playing lot of mmos and I’ve enjoyed all of them. However, after releasing brels nm I started realizing how bad striker class is. I play deathblow striker, since I reached 1415. The class feels so slowwwwww, u can’t just avoid normal pattern from moving u HAVE to use or space bar or dragon kick to move away from the boss, while other class can just move a bit (it makes me uncomfortable to play the class). It has so low crit that u must have adrenaline on ur engraving, that means u MUST AIM for 9/7 if u really wanna see the truepower of the class. Using lighting tiger strike u pass throw enemy (they never fixed it), leading sometimes to death, and as u know dead = u noob. Playing pvp as striker is bad, ur kicks and skills can be stopped by ANY skill, EVEN from AUTOATTACKS, while other class, like zerk, they dont mind to be hitten (that is ridiculusss). It’s probably the first time I feel like i am not playing a good class and is not comparable with the one that use HITMASTER engravings. I have decide to quit the game so dont make my same mistake, if u wanna play some good class just go for hitmaster, u have such an easyer gameplay u can hit the boss wherever u want and u can deal tons of dmg beside striker has to keep running at the back of the boss making gameplay repetitive and really really bad(it can be frustraiting keep running at the back of the boss, especially if he moves when u are casting a spell). But what if I dont aim at back as striker? Your dmg basically will decrease, from 100kk do 40kk and if it’s not a crit u do around 20kk… that’s sad and bad. Also if u get hit while using a skill it goes wasted and guage wasted tooo. U should have think it better

striker is great only with fully awakened cards, i think, its expensive build too, requiring high level gems too.

Could’ve just respec to flurry instead of getting a mental breakdown xD

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Appreciate this feedback about Striker @Jambayone