Striker Engravings

What are some of the best engravings for esotentric fury striker? Right now i am running Spirit Absorb but been wanting to figure out what other engravings are best for them?

Master of Ambush at 3 is a must to be competitive in dmg since everything you do is back attacks

Keen Blunt Weapon interacts well with your crit buff from Lightning Whisper

Adrenaline interacts well with your Storm Dragon Awakening (you can get 3 stacks just from using that skill fully)

Spirit Absorption is like you said a good choice to be more mobile generally.

You can also consider :

Cursed Doll (if you know what you’re doing one of THE most broken engravings for all dps)

Grudge (only at lvl 3 engraving and again only if you know what you’re doing)

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Master of ambush , adrenaline , grudge(T3 only), cursed doll(T3only) Keen blunt weapon(T3only) i would highly recommend atm to just run T1 class engraving and then w/e u fancy T3 of the once i just mentioned or u can run T3 class engraving and T1 adrenaline also very good , also did u pick flurry cus you enjoy it more? cause Death blow is by far superior just a heads up incase u didnt know