Striker rant & progression topic

I’ll try to update the post later into the current state of my Striker gameplay. Maybe someone is interested or gets some point of view from this.

(updated post from progression below)

Click the “Pre Entropy status” open to see the rant from May 27. Things weren’t optimal back then. Combat stats weren’t the issue as I stated in previous messages in this thread.

Pre Entropy status

Item level 1407 with Grudge, KBW, Ambush master and Esoteric Flurry at lvl3. 773 crit, 664 spec and 452 switftness. Crit rate is well above 60 for KBW and its getting better soon when I get the “Lostwind Cliff” card set to 12 awakening. I have 8 lvl6 gems with correct skills on them. Cooldown for flurry is in my opinion pretty good since there is not much waiting time with eso skills so I can pretty much spam them all the time. I have legendary Wealth, Overwhelm etc. so the runes are in good shape. Skilltree is in decent condition. Picture if needed.

What am I doing wrong when ilvl 1370 players with 2 or 3 engravings at lvl3 come and out damage me in every raid? I’m getting most of my attacks from behind but I don’t aim for them too much so I don’t lose time with DPS. Best was when I was in a guardian raid with berserker who had +6 chosen weapon (mine is +15) & 3 lvl3 engravings. I was out damaged so bad that I almost uninstalled the game.

I’ve tested the Deathblow build in the training area but the DPS is much lower than it is with Flurry build. I’ve tested to do my skill bursts and damage at the training are and best I’ve gotten with Flurry build is 40m dmg in 1 minute. With Deathblow it was around 10m but that was with very quick testing time.
I’ve already read that Striker is godlike in PVP but that is a small portion of the game and I would say the smallest portion.

Does striker need love from the devs? YES
How? I’m not an expert and I really don’t know how.

If you have suggestions on what to do differently please tell me. Should I change class? I’ll rather quit. I’ve spent so much time and resources on this one that its not even funny.

Edit: Dont bring **** like, look at this KR server guy who is critting 100m and dealing 1 billion damage. We’re lightyears behind them.

Striker/Wardancer/Gunlancer and some other classes, shine when they have the relic sets and the right gems/runes. If you’re trying to out dps a Shadowhunter/Sorc/Deathblade at the moment it will be difficult.


You didn’t link the most important thing: Your build.

That you have a tornado gem and an empty gem socket is pretty sus.

Striker got little to no changes in Korea for a reason. They hit like trucks. It’s probably a build or L2P issue.

Oh, you aren’t playing deathblow. That’s the beginning of your problems.


A lot of things I forgot to add up. Thanks.

This is basically what I’ve been following. 363 skill points so I’m using eso skills below.


Tornado gem skill is what happened to hit so thought I’d use it since its on the maxroll build guide. Empty slot in gems is because I just upgraded one more lvl6 gem. Could use lvl7 tier2 but it wouldn’t help much.

Basically I need to wait some years in order to actually do something? I’m anxiously waiting for valtan since I’m pretty much solo / duo player and what I’ve seen its even more guild based boss than argos. Maybe this whole thing is just L2P situation. Changing build to Deathblow is a no go since it would cost me so much time & resources I’d die of old age.

I only play deathblow so I cannot be much help.

The only thing I can say is its meta in Korea for a reason, and that in your brief training Eso was doing 4x the damage, it’s pretty obvious you weren’t building/using deathblow correctly.

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Nah flurry is completely fine, deathblow is way more punishing if you mess up. I really think you’re doing something wrong, but not exactly sure what its. You need to make sure to debuff the boss with lightning before bursting with your skills, don’t mindlessly spam skills. Also I would get more specialization since it will increase your skills damage and meter gain, but it’s not worth it now wait for Valtan accessories.

Oh also, it could be that the people in your party are greatly benefitting from your debuff, so you’re greatly boosting their dps, MVP isn’t always a good indicator of how you did.

Dude u re esoteric, what the hell did u think when going for these stats mate XDD
this is the equivalent of going deathblow at 1.300 and complaining about lack of dmg xDD

ilv1407 and your skill is only at lv10. They should be lv 11 by now. and with ambush and using skill with back attack modifier from behind is another 30% damage?

The skill rotation is following.

  1. Storm Dragon Awakening
  2. Sky Shattering Blow
  3. Lightning Whisper
  4. Eso skill: Lightning Tiger Emerges
  5. Eso skill: Tiger Emerges
  6. Moon Flash Kick
  7. Call the Wind God
  8. Blast Formation

and repeat from 1. I can do 4, 5, 6 and almost 7 in that 6 seconds that the debuff is active. Its true that MVP isnt the best indicator. Its only thing we have. Would be great if we could analyze better the result of the raid.

This was helpful thanks.

Uptime. You probably can’t deal damage while dodging abilities. In other words, you’re just not good enough. And this you will observe even with 1490 compared to a 1445 player, as the skill directly influences your damage. Simple: if you don’t hit enough, you can have everything perfect, you won’t do any damage.

My combat lvl is 56 currently and I’ve done all the extra skill potion quest etc. I can. With 363 skill points I can only get 1 skill to lvl11.

Any tips?

Go into Codex and search for Skill Potion and check out what you still don’t have and start with the easy one :slight_smile:

Cmon man, like it won’t take you longer than 10minute research on how to play that class. Striker is ridicilously strong, it was already early and holds moderately till 1460, where it slowly starts ramping up into top tier. The issue is just stat balance before u go over into deathblow. Which you could even skip till 1490 and even then esoteric might be a better choice unless raids are fully memorized.

For now the only stat u have to care for is swiftness.
The rest is just an addition.
You can opt for 50%swift/25%spec and MAYBE 25%crit but that can be less in favor of swift.
Your crit is WAAAY to low for it to outweight the dps income from swift and with that ilvl it will never get even close to swift.

The only issue with striker isthat it’s quite difficult to optimize dps due to all the skilllock happening without gettin smackd.

I’m still missing Punikas adventure tome. Gonna do that next. One from Ignea token, no thanks :smiling_face_with_tear: One from Omnium stars which I wont get until I´’m at 1415 ilvl.

I have no idea why I haven’t gotten the Rohendel skill point potion! :roll_eyes:

@OP the Earth’s Entropy set is the table turner for strikers its basically +60% damage increase. So mean while work your way for Valtan.

Main striker here. I will be running ESO with relic set as well. Majority will choose deathblow because that is what KR considered it as " META " but i like ESO playstyle more.

Have you try running 50/25/25. Switf/crit/spec? I have 4x3 Grudge, Cursed doll, AM , ESO. I sometimes get match MVP back then when I was 1400. Honestly, I don’t have a “fixed” rotation to do but instead i just make sure i can output skills like every second without waiting for CD (This is why you should be having 50% of the stat on swiff to shorten CD).

Just remember always to use:
Lighting whisper to gain orbs, and crit debuff > Lighting tiger > Moon flash kick > tiger emerge > Sky shattering > wind god/blast formation .

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I was aiming Crit because of KBW needs it to be over 60%. I did all this before I had the Preordained set & soon to have Lostwind Cliff cardset. Spec is that high because stupidness. Havent gotten better accessories so I could switch them up. Will do that as soon as I can!

TBH I’m hoping that Valtan would be doable even for me and from there I would get some of the relic accessories to slowly switch to swiftness.

So basically you are saying that my Swiftness is too low and thats my main issue I dont do DPS?

And for yall info, I am 1475 striker and i just got mvp last night on Valtan hard.

Thanks. I haven’t had time to investigate Valtans gearset yet!