Strikers awakening skills

What awakening skill do you use? first awakening has 3 hits, but second one has 2 hits and has more base damage than the first?

for aoe I use the first one for bossing the 2nd one, but requires the boss to be standing still a little longer, also 2nd has more damage.

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i just dont understand everything in the recommended for skills doesnt have the second awakening skill above the first. i just started using the second ones for bosses and i find it way better/crits harder

It’s likely a scaling thing, later tripod/engraving options not in NA/EU yet shift the meta. All the classes are balanced around 1500 ilvl from what I understand, so the meta information in use is around the gearing situation then.

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The thing you should know about the recommended skills is they’re not cherry picked dev’s choice.

They’re what the playerbase is using when running said content, same with the tripods and rune selection.
Could be 80% of players are using this skill, 42% have tripod 1-1, 12% use 1-2 ,etc.

As such, if the player base is stacked in the lower end, many may not even have unlocked the 2nd awakening yet and that really skews the usage % on it.

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