Stronghold Acting Strange After Patch - WORKAROUND INCLUDED

Hello Arkesians!

Got a weird little bug happening on my end with my Stronghold. And I’ve got pics!!

So, when I login and check the top banner where the little red dots for notifications come in, my Stronghold properly states the following concerning Lab Research and Dispatches:

The above shows that I have completed Expert Crispy Grilled Skewers. But then at my Stronghold…

I get this mess. And below, its the same with my Dispatches:

And at Stronghold:

So with things the way they are, I am currently unable to Complete the completed Lab Research for the Expert Skewers and I have things showing complete at my Stronghold that are not completed, while completed things are not showing up at all.

I’m seeing other posts. Hope the pictures help.



I am also having the same issue. I think it may have to do with the cabin expansion research.
Screenshot 2022-03-04 150907

My cabin expansion isn’t finished researching yet says it is on the left side. I also can’t “complete” the research that is in fact finished.

Well, I think it has something to do with the additional Lab Research slot. I’m currently researching 2 things and can only see progress on the first one I queued.

As for the Dispatch problem, it seems to be a similar issue. I’ve unlocked additional Dispatch nodes allowing for simultaneous Dispatch Missions to run, however, I only see an erroneous Dispatch Complete for one of them and no mention of the other at all.

This wasn’t an issue prior to the patch.

I am experiencing the same issue. I had previously unlocked multiple slots for research and crafting and now I only see one available to do anything with, in addition to show erroneous “complete” overlay.

I’d also like to point out that my initial Research jobs were for two different completion times. The first one queued was for 1 day and several hours. The second was for 17 minutes. When that one completed, I wasn’t able to navigate to the Complete Button, to actually complete the job, nor was I able to queue any other research jobs until the longer one completed.

The result being, a Stronghold that has lagged behind in research due to not being able to properly utilize the Lab/Research mechanics.

The initial jobs did finally complete and I immediately queued up two more. This time, they have the same completion time and, I’m still only able to view the first task queued in the Lab Status window.

In the case of queuing multiple Lab and Dispatch missions, only the first queued will show up in the integrated management window. When I open the Station window independently, I can see both Dispatch missions with correct remaining time to complete.

With the Lab window, I only see the first Research task queued. The other task does not show up anywhere. This is when I’m at my Stronghold.

When I’m away from my Stronghold and click the Stronghold button from the top message center banner, I am able to see both Lab Research tasks with correct remaining times to completion. Same for Dispatch missions when away from Stronghold and using the notifications banner.

I was definitely able to see all missions from my Stronghold prior to the patch and I certainly didn’t have erroneous completion notices there.

The missions and research tasks are completing but, if you are trying to run one long research task and several short ones in between, you may find that those smaller research tasks get locked behind the longer task’s completion time. I don’t think the game is supposed to work this way.

Same here. Even the stronghold event at top of the screen shows that research and dispatches are finished, I can only select one of it in lab. It starts with Cabin expansion research after patch.

For anyone still having this issue, at least with the research, I was able to go to “all research” and find the one completed in the list and complete it from there and also start a new research. Hope this helps others.


I’m Having the exact same problem, I Sent in a ticket for it and the person gave me the garb msg of doing a verify files.

Thank you! That helps a lot!

Same bugg here

Brrroh!! OMG!!

Thank you for this workaround.
For anyone needing to complete Research Tasks that appear locked behind another task:

  • Open the Lab window by clicking Management button at bottom center of screen when at Stronghold, then Lab button at top center.

  • change the drop down menu (located top center of Lab window) from Available Research to All Research

  • to the left of the drop down menu, click the Close Whole List Button (pic above, to the Left of red marked area)

  • find the hour glass icon on the appropriate Research Task drop down menu for the task that is complete. The rest should be ezpz.

When the Research Task is complete, you’ll see a blue exclamation indicator:

Once you click on the drop down with the indicator, you’ll see the completed tasks and be able to interface with them:

This workaround will also help if your Research Tasks are under different drop downs:

If you need help with this hit me up on Discord: Dios_Gnosis#9383

@Roxx This is hardly a Solution, but it is currently the best workaround at the moment. Feel free to spread the news and consider this my ongoing application process for employment :wink:

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Wait… so the people who get paid to help with workarounds and solutions did nothing of the sort??? Meanwhile, I take literally five minutes to throw together some screen shots of a workaround discovered by @Averageaim

Man, someone needs to send me their paycheck! :stuck_out_tongue:

I have the same problem but additionally the research that is displayed is broken - I can no longer research “a cup of rum” but had some research that was gated by it available in my list. This bug should be addressed urgently, but I guess I have little faith it will be.

Can you elaborate? I’m not sure I understand what you mean.

Having the same issue of not being able to see dual research or ships inside my stornghold since the last patch. Everything worked fine before the patch.