Stronghold and dispatch missions after patch (march 4 2022)

when in the stronghold, the game is telling me my dispatch mission is finished…

however once i go to the dispatch page and check the mission, it is not finished

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Same. Here is a link to my forum post:

Also having this same problem!

Also I have lab level 3, and it is only tracking 1 of my 2 current research jobs I have, I’m not sure if i’ll even be able to complete it? It shows I have 2 in my summary tab but not when i go into the lab?


Same issue, amigo. Exactly the same. My previous ones finished up and I immediately queued up two more to see if the same issue occurred. It did. However, my previous Lab Research items were different completion times and one completed before the other, but I couldn’t complete it by clicking the button and queue up another.

Basically, I had to wait 1 day and some hours for a research mission that only took 17 minutes. Plus, I couldn’t queue any additional Stronghold research jobs so, I’ve kinda fallen behind.