Stronghold beds

I bought a double bed from the cash shop but my characters are not able to lay on them. I’m able to lay my characters down on Stronghold crafted beds but why can’t they sleep on beds from the cash shop? Really weird since its something you pay for.

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hehe you said cash shop.

The Cash Grab that is decorating your stronghold is pretty real.

I have unlocked a bunch of furniture I can’t even craft at Lab 4. 1 level from Lab 5.

I would avoid spending real money on anything stronghold related to be honest, it sorta seems like an afterthought and you most likely will be disappointed with the results.

I wanted to decorate my place like a Casino, but then when you look at the cost per item in gold… yeah it all sorta becomes silly tell they put in better ways to make gold you can piss away and not feel dumb doing it.

Agreed. What I don’t get is why you can lay on a free one but not a paid one. It makes no sense.

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It is strange with how you can interact with a lot of random furniture in the world. You would think they would be more detailed with making sure it all works the same.

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tell that to this genius who made a slut out of Nineveh and Sasha xD

technically you can buy that furniture with blue crystals making it a gold grab

if you mean the double bed only 1 person/npc can lay on one bed if you say wanted to lay next to an npc you’d need two beds glitched together
*edit I see what you mean with not being able to use ones own characters but with rapport ones it does

like so

Where can one get the whole/painting thingy between the bed and the counter?

Also really curious if you can get npcs to receive money from other players lmao