Stronghold Bug after the 4/3 Update


I am not sure if this has been brought up but since the recent update to Lost Ark, there is a bug in our stronghold where if you have 2 on going research or ships missions out at the same time, you can only see one meaning you have to wait for the longest one to complete first before it will show you the other one.

Here’s an example of one that i’m currently doing and i’m trying to match the times on them else it gets frustrating because you can’t complete the shorter one until the longer one is done, normally there would be 2 showing here:

here it’s showing one research even though there are 2 on going but I cant show this because it’s bugged like the ship one where its behind the first research it’s meant to show 2 (It showed 2 before the update and now it’s hiding behind the other one):

Thank you to whoever reads this and hopefully it gets sorted :slight_smile: