Stronghold bugged since launch and cant do the basic things other players can do

I have sent multiple tickets to ags support on the problem regarding my stronghold and all i kept getting told was that they were looking into it. And i have had this problem ever since they shut down the servers when the game was about to launch.So now that im wayy too deep into the game to even consider restarting, i am literally stuck when it comes to playing to alts and trying maximize the amount of gold and mats i can make per week. I have three characters, which are 1385, 1377(the feiton powerpass helped) and 400.I cant even do the stronghold research to making t1 and t2 honing easier because the game would’nt let me go past the basic entry stronghold quest. So the other quality of life things other players are able to do, like crafting, honing research, knowledge transfer, merchants and even visiting other players’ stronghold are things that i have not been able to do ever since the official launch of the game. I have literally spent a lot of gold trying to get fusion materials that other players are able to craft in their stronghold. And i know people can say that i also got the vern pass from eayln, but i literally dont even want to think about how much gold and time that would be wasted all because i dont have basic quality of life things other fellow players have access. All in all, support never helped much and if they had told me that there was nothing that could be done earlier on, I would have restarted and would not be in this position. I really like this game and all i could just hope is for me to get an answer whether the problem can be fixed or not. Thank you.