Stronghold Dispatch missions of 2 hours

I have leveled up my Dispatch to lvl 2 and still get only 2 hour missions.
My combat level is 39 and Stronghold is lvl 8 at the moment, so that might be the source of this problem, but that is kind of illogical since I have already researched Dispatch lvl 2.
I thought maybe I’m still low level on Dispatch Station so I tried searching for a Dispatch Lvl 3 research in Lab Station, but it does not exists.
I found out on forums that some other players also had this problem and they solved it by sending a web ticket. Since I cant find this “web ticket” anywhere, I’m posting this problem on this forum for help.
Sending screenshots for reference.

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I believe you get the longer missions when you hit combat level 50. This is purely anecdotal, but mine did the same as yours. Had Dispatch level 2 since the like a day or two of getting the Stronghold a week or two ago. Currently Stronghold level 14. However, I hit Combat level 50 yesterday, and today (after the missions reset at 5AM), I got updated missions that are 4, 8, and 12 hours long plus “major” missions. So, I believe level 50 is the requirement. Perhaps just a coincidence players submitting web tickets hit level 50 and assumed the web ticket addressed the issue?