Stronghold Farm Materials gone

I’ve been reading through the forums and haven’t really seen this yet. I logged onto my stronghold and all my Mining, Logging, Fishing, Relics, Hunting and Farming items were gone. Every spot was empty. I haven’t been on in over 3 days, so it should have respond. Anyone else have this issue or a fix??? Just trying to make some T3 honing material and Lost Ark is finding more was to make it teidous lol.

It has been replaced by the farm where you chose what you plant and then harvest it the next morning at 10am. I don’t really like that new system yet as at farm level 1 I make way less stuff than when i was harvesting manually, future will tell if it gets better with upgrades.

Thank you, Had to read the patch notes more in depth. Not going to lie, don’t like it, another way to waste time for T3 honing.