Stronghold Farm

Hey guys,
my Stronghold is lvl 35 i have unlocked my farm etc but on my farm there are no spots to harvest also the fishing spot isnt there…any suggestions?

Thank you.

@JasonDemirijan Navigate to your management tab, and click on farm at the mid top of your screen. You’ll be able to allocate what you want to harvest in that window :slight_smile:

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Thank you for your reply.
I already know that. But i guess you also should be able to fish in your stronghold and there is no spot. :slight_smile:

There’s no manual past that point. Everything is one clicked and done.

It USED to be like that. It used to be that you would manually fish and gather materials in specific spots across your StrongHold. However, in one update, with the introduction of just the management system, they got rid of the manual method.

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ah okay ty…didnt know that :slight_smile:

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Yeah but now we get junk for harvest

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True, there. I almost never have enough mats for Farm-specific crafts. But I won’t miss how the old method would absolutely decimate your life energy.

Im not a fan of gathering anyway. I only do it for guild tasks and mats

im not into gathering as well but well as it was said b4 i also need the mats :confused:
anybody knows how i can increase the outcome of fresh minnow? i got so much other stuff (fishing mats) but always a heavy lack of fresh minnows this is kinda weird

not related to your issue but also make sure you’re researching the stuff in the farm category, it increases the spots and allow getting tier 2 and tier 3 stuff (for crafting oreha relic boxes)

ty…ya already done. i can get every mats but the balance (of the fishing mats) is pretty weird :slight_smile:
got tons of oreha gold carp, elegant pearls but barely no fresh minnows XD

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Just like fishing in the wild lol Fishes r usually the problem while the other materials come easily

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If you’re referring to real life energy and time investment then yeah, I feel that.

Other than that I think the life energy cost is still increased just like it was before. It’s just that your harvest and energy consumption are limited.