Stronghold Overhaul Needed

I feel like the Stronghold player housing is lackluster, and poorly put together. There are a lot of places that you are not allowed to place something down, and at the bare minimum, there isn’t even a grid system to make it easier to construct a layout.

I also believe that there is a big market in NA for player housing, and I think that just because Korea doesn’t prioritize this, it shouldn’t be improved upon. Perhaps NA can take lead on making this change before Korea gets it, who knows!

My personal wishlist

  • Island variety (Perhaps an Arthentine version and one similar to Anguished Isle)
  • Actual Manor skins, that change the way your mansion looks.
  • Grid System for precise placement
  • Less clutter that prevents you from placing items (like it does in front of the manor)
  • Surfboard feature that Punika has for getting around outer island water
  • Access to Beatrice’s training room

Let me know what you like, and don’t like. I’m interested in other people’s ideas as well.

Might come down the line but you never know. You gotta remember that this game comes from Korea so some random stuff like that isn’t going to get randomly added for our region unless it also came from KR first. The only thing we might get differently would be rewards from stuff.

As impossible as it seems, I’d like it if the Stronghold can be accessed and managed from my mobile device.
They can do whatever it takes to make it feel “in lore”, like force a delay to send a carrier pigeon to the Stronghold or something.
I just don’t like having to interrupt other in-game activities to do minor things like setting up a new dispatch. And otherwise, it’d be cool to do these basic things while out of game.

World of Warcraft has something like this, however, you can’t be logged into the game on your PC while doing it. Good idea though!