Stronghold Products should be Roster Bound, not Char Bound

Its pretty rediculous that if I build a health potion in my stronghold it becomes char bound to whomever created it. I created a Major HP potion set and claimed on the wrong char assuming it was only roster bound. Now I have to make another stack and it shouldnt be necessary.


in other regions its not character bound, only global release did amazon decide to make it locked per character. clearly a scummy cash grab thing.

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No idea how its cash grab, just makes me not able to play the game. You can only buy one battle chest a week from the store.

Yeah its just another predatory tactic from AGS. Lifeskill energy is rosterwide/gathered mats are rosterwide but nooo pots are character bound and ofc only in this version. Another clear cashgrab to buy pots with money or lifeskill energy stuff.

Didnt thought they can fell even lower but i guess there are surprises for every day.

I like the idea of products becoming Roster Bound instead of Character. I don’t really see a downside of this solution.

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ive asking for this for weeks please add this

AGS has shown their true colors and the way going forward. Here are more predatory things to add to the list of their scummy greedy practices.

  1. Lock names for 60 days after deletion if a character reaches level 11 which is before you even leave Prideholme. Then if you want to reuse that name without it being locked out for 60 days you need to spend over $20 to change the name so you can reuse it right away.

  2. Gifting is not available on any product in the store.

Definitely another thing that should be changed asap and I don’t really understand the reason behind not doing this in the first place. Same goes for all other potions, too. Just have them roster bound – or even tradeable, why not?