Stronghold Research Bug

So I’m not sure what has happened with my research, but I cannot complete or even see the second research that’s completed. It seems to be correctly showing outside of the stronghold, but inside it’s not there and the invite priest upgrade shows as completed? It blocks me from using my second research.

I’m just assuming this is a bug and wondering if it happens to anyone else.

I’ll update the post when my priest upgrade is done.


Agree, having the same issue since I logged in this morning. I can’t complete my 2nd research and can’t start a new one.


I’ve got the same issue. I logged in after maintenance and I can’t access the second slots for research and dispatch through the stronghold’s “Integrated Management” menu.

Oddly the dispatch section of the “Integrated Management” menu still tells me that I have a dispatch complete after collecting the one that completed while I was asleep.

EDIT: Just as I posted this the other research item that was running completed. I was able to find it in the list of research items and completed it that way.

It is also allowing me to start a second research item. So it seems that the stronghold is working, but the UI is broken. If you can’t start a second research item it’s probably because you still have one that’s running and the UI is telling you it’s completed when it’s really not.

Specificly it’s this portion of the UI that’s broken.

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get in the line use the search button or the top button in the forum and post your stuff here

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Guess I’m a very bad googler :sweat_smile:

Same issue here, there is a fix or some mention in patch notes?

Since I didn’t see any response from the community team on the forums, I asked live chat for an update. They said this is currently being investigated and is a high priority for them to get fixed.

Same issue here

Having the same problem here - -

Same issue. To complete my upgrade I used the drop down menu to select all research and scrolled down to find it. Was also able to start another one after I completed the currently finished one, despite it now showing up in the Integrated Management panel.


Can confirm, same issue here.

i have the same issue. also cant complete the research! i hope we get a comparison for this…

Same here I cant complete reasearch.

For detailed instructions on the workaround:

I am having the same issue now.

I couldn’t complete the second research until the first one was done. I’m only seeing one box now.

Having the same issue here I can only see, Start and complete one research

Same here, I created a topic too


+1 - myself and guildies are having the same issue as reported above: